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    THR My Intro...

    Cardie, long time no read! Big hugs to you.
  2. J

    THR Dorothy's 2nd hip recovery, June 22, 2012

    Hi Dorothy! So glad to read that you got the second hip done and that you are doing so well now! Sorry about the insurance troubles. You would think that they'd want to approve the visits now so as to prevent any issues down the line that might end up costing them more.
  3. J

    Bilateral THR My New Hips Are Here

    Thank you everyone for the ideas. I returned to the office this past Monday without a cane but only because I just ordered a folding one as my old cane seems too "bulky" to carry around when I really don't use it. I was tempted to take Cardie's advice a step further and search for canes with...
  4. J

    THR Anniepops THR Recovery

    Re: Hiya newbie here. Annie, does it feel like you're not strong enough to sit up at 90 degrees or that your hip is too tight to sit at 90 degrees? I had an issue similar to this where for the first few weeks after surgery, if I was sitting in a chair I could not bring my torso further forward...
  5. J

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Like Cardie, I am one who found outpatient PT to be very useful. Without it I probably would have gone tried to do too much too early which would have slowed down my recovery. Glad to hear that you have access to it :thumb:.
  6. J

    THR Z's Postop thread

    Love it! :thumb: I hear you. I've started doing my normal workouts over the past week or so and will be leaving the hip specific stuff for my remaining PT visits. Onward and upward!
  7. J

    Rider1960, Dorothy, back home finally!!!! (the long version!)

    Dorothy, after my friend had her baby she also ended up with a bump at the epidural injection site. Her doctor told her that it was just a hematoma due to a blood vessel being cut when the needle went in. Hers did go away after a week or so if yours is the same issue, you should be fine...
  8. J

    THR HomeschoolingMom's thread

    HomeschoolingMom, you may very well end up being able to tie your shoes in that position somewhere down the line. I'm approaching 3 months since my surgery and I am getting back range of motion that I haven't had in years. Being patient (or trying at least) and staying consistent with my PT has...
  9. J

    THR 7½ weeks ago, fractured femur during operation - doing well

    Re: THR 7 1/2 weeks ago, fractured femur during operation - doing well Hi Cyphi! Congratulations on your new hip :thumb:. I'm so sorry to hear about the fracture but there are a few members who had fractures during surgery and they ended up having great recoveries. I bet the same will happen...
  10. J

    THR Horsey Girl's Recovery

    Bea, congrats on your retirement and being "back in the saddle." It's so great to see everyone getting back to what they love doing.
  11. J

    bi-lateral recovery

    Stenforce, sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Have you considered talking to your doctor about adjusting or changing your meds?
  12. J

    THR anitawants2tango is taking first steps

    Wonderful update Anita :thumb:. And wow at being back to dancing in heels and at 4-inches no less. You are awesome!
  13. J

    THR DallasSarah post op update!

    Sarah, congrats on the weight-loss! Glad to hear that you and Miles are doing okay. I saw those videos of the trucks being tossed around like toys. Crazy stuff. Please keep us updated as to how you're doing.
  14. J

    THR Almost a year!!

    Haldox, I just read your 3-month update. Congrats!!!!!:yay: With regard to Zumba, do you have more range of motion in your right hip in general? Can you do hip rolls comfortably?
  15. J

    THR We can re-build him...

    Good to hear you've had some relief from the itchies Sir Cyborg. I looked up Viszlas on Youtube. Wow. Jasper must really keep you on your toes. That new hip must be coming in handy eh?
  16. J

    THR SW Coast Path here I come! Welshjane's post-op thread

    Jane, congrats on getting hip #2 done! You sound like you are doing very well. Like Dorothy, I mainly iced the area around the incision. Perhaps you can try wrapping a large towel around your thigh to help keep the frozen peas in place?
  17. J

    THR On the other side in Seattle.

    John, it sounds like you were getting in some self-massage and active stretching at the same time. Glad to hear that it worked for you :thumb:
  18. J

    THR I made it!

    Wonderful news Hagar! :yay:
  19. J

    Welshjane's 2nd THR - pre-op thread

    Jane, I hope you're resting comfortably now after hip#2 and that everything went smoothly :thumb:.
  20. J

    Propofol concerns - my meds - Jo are you there ?

    Rich, I agree with Jamie. Use your time and energy to concentrate on yourself and having a good surgical experience (which you WILL). If someone can't be supportive and is actually trying to make things worse, there is no room for them.

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