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    Knee Infection* Worried about infection

    Found my original username! HOPETOHIKE.... For now I'll stick with this username and look for replies but may return to the original. Admin may tell me best thing to do....thx
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    Knee Infection* Worried about infection

    Hi I was on this forum starting 7 years ago but can't remember my username so I re-registered and here I am:) I had my RTKR about 7 years ago and the recovery was good and swift. I had the LTKR a year and a half later and recovery dragged out for 2 years. I have great flexion and extension in...
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    TKR 6 months still stiff

    As far as I can see, I have no swelling. The Doc just thought it looked perfect at 13 months. Yea, I'm afraid that may be the case...long term minor pain. Sometimes I think it's a nerve issue since I hear that can take up to 3 years to heal. For awhile , ocassionally, I felt sensations all up...
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    TKR 6 months still stiff

    I think a part of me doesn't want to check this all out. The idea of additional surgery makes me quiver ! My trust level is very low. It helps to hear that some people have had " clean ups" that went well. I had an x-ray and checkup at 13 months. It's 5 months later. It was the usual" the x-ray...
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    TKR 6 months still stiff

    Hope I'm posting the correct place! I'm 18 months out and beginning to get concerned about my TKR. I have very good flexion and extension, an able to dance, hike and bike in a moderate way. What I'm concerned about is the still present" not ok" feeling. There is a level of soreness that is...
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    TKR 6 months still stiff

    Thank you so much!
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    TKR 6 months still stiff

    A friend of mine is about 2-3 weeks out in her recovery and having a lot of problems with pain. I'm looking for a chart that I remember seeing early on in my recovery on this site that lays out very nicely the timing for using various drugs together? I've searched but can't find it . Can anyone...
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    TKR Stiffness and Soreness\Prosthetic<

    Hello @PiaKnee I am writing to give you some more hope! I am at coming up onto 15 months and after an incredibly successful and fast recovery up until 5-6 weeks, when my recovery turned into slower than a snails pace! It's been 3 steps forward , 2 back for a long long long time. Now its more...
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    TKR 8 Weeks Out

    @lahoh01 Yea! I was having trouble finding this thread after getting an email about it, but now I can see it since they have "merged" Ok, I am about 13 1/2 months out and often experiencing some daily discomfort. Mostly some stiffness and soreness. Not enough to need medication. Pretty minor...
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    TKR 12 Months since my TKR.

    Hi Dennis You will definitely get good advice here but the trick is to follow it! I just passed my one year anniversary of my second knee replacement. The first was a breeze and really set me up for expectations of the second. You'll find that as you read all the posts that no one knee or...
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    TKR Almost a year and still in pain<

    Can you please write again what your symptoms were? I'm at a year and although function is great I have ongoing stiffness and pain. Granted, it's minor pain but still! I also have cracking at certain points when my weight is on a certain place. I realize this part is not uncommon and prob not a...
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    TKR Dzina -Second one better then the first one

    Hey Dzina... How wonderful about your lovely nurses. Are you home yet? How's it going?
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    TKR TKR Mid May - Charlotte's recovery journey

    You set it up with ice cubes or frozen water bottles. Circulates. Easy on and off. Pure bliss. Day or night! There are many brands. This is the one I used. I'm surprised no doc, pt or anyone told you about this! Got mine on Amazon. Ossur Cold Rush Compact System and Pads (with Knee Pad)
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    TKR TKR Mid May - Charlotte's recovery journey

    One little word.....ICE I used my" ice machine" of and on all night long in the first couple of months. SO helpful with pain..
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    Revision TKR Instability Question

    I think the important thing with the sticks is that they have something solid on the tips. My husband tried it yesterday with pointy tips and it didn't really work. I bought mine from the exerstrider folks because they have some that slide into place using a button rather than the twisting...
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    Revision TKR Instability Question

    @KarriB THX for this. I'm just about at a year with my second knee. Still is not right BUT... this week I got some new walking sticks and this is my third day of" exerstriding" 30 to 40 minutes. I worked up to this with other activities but the technique is new.I swear my knee is feeling...
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    PKR My Drama Queen Patellofemoral Knee

    I'm with you Jockette. I have really good flexion on my knee but constant stiffness and a lot of sensation when I extend from flexion in certain positions. No swelling that I can see. It's all rather mysterious and frustrating at almost a year. I'm hanging in there but somedays get a bit weepy...
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    TKR One year out and still hot and painful

    @bland . They have an attachment to put on pedals for limited flexion. My friend got some and is now riding her bike! I wish you well..OnYou have a lot to deal with. Keep posting here, you'll get help I'm at almost one year.. Good ROM and can do all my...
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    Revision TKR TKR - Feel like a Failure<

    Time to "chime" in. I will be a year out on my second knee replacement June 3rd. My ROM is great, maybe even a little better than my other knee although by one year my other knee had no complaints whatsoever. At about 8- 10 weeks this new knee just slowed down to a snails pace. It's very...
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    TKR Almost one year, still a bit sore

    @Celle . Not sure if this is correct place to post! Could you change my thread to" almost one year, still a bit sore" thx. Also how do I get back to my own thread to post?

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