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    Depression/post-op blues

    So nice to know we are not alone on this journey. I do wish everyone well, and a speedy recovery, but misery does love company.I am a little over 5 weeks since rtkr, and I cannot believe I am still on norco. I would have bet anyone that tops 2 weeks I would have been off of them. I cannot...
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    TKR no one told me about the pain<

    Thanks guys, it is nice to know how others recovery is. I am 4 weeks today, and feel like it is taking forever to get better, even though it is slowly. I will look forward to 6 weeks and hope like some of you that it will be much improved. By far this is the worst recovery, I had my...
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    TKR Just need advice after RTKR on 12/22/15<

    I also had right tkr 12/22. I am still taking norco, 3 times a day on average. I saw doc yesterday, first post op, and he feels I am on track and will do very well. He says pain can last 3 months. I thought for sure 2 weeks tops and I would be off the narcotics, cannot believe how painful...
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    TKR no one told me about the pain<

    Hi my name is Susan, 57 years old, severe OA both knees about 4-5 years and I had a right total knee replacement 12/22/2015. I stayed in the hospital 1 night. I was receiving pain medication by mouth no pain meds by IV, so felt I was better off home in my own bed. My husband stayed with me...

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