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    TKR Recommended age to do TKR

    Update:meeting with OS went well. Basically it's up to me when I go for operation . Will try extend to end of year to avoid doing it in Summer I own a large dog (Labrador). In your opinion, how long should I house him somewhere else until i can take care of him by myself ??
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    TKR Recommended age to do TKR

    thanks for your reply. The more I read, more i understand that age is not a hurdle... and the turning point should be the knee condition. Have appointment with the knee specialist today.. fingers crossed Once again thanks to all for your responses
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    TKR Recommended age to do TKR

    yes kind of makes sense.... worse you are , you see the benefit more!
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    TKR Recommended age to do TKR

    I have been having knee problems for many years, mainly due to martial arts training. I have managed to persist along the years, with 2 carthilage ops . The pain has now increaesed and it seems TKR is inevitable. Based on your experience, what is recommended age to do it ? I am 50 and being...

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