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  1. Dearjr

    TKR Post Op all is well<

    Hope your recovery continues going well And just to let you know I walked the Miami 1/2 marathon yesterday with one tkr done 2 1/2 years ago My bad knee even made it
  2. Dearjr

    Bilateral TKR Nensi_New_Nees

    Hi nensi My swelling took 6 months to go away. When I first heard that from the people here I thought they were crazy! I am a pediatrician and the swelling I know leaves after a few days to few weeks. But trust me almost all the advice here is priceless. Given by those who have first hand...
  3. Dearjr

    Second time around!

    Probably besides the local and femoral block u get a mild sedative. Don't want to hear the machinery going! Good luck this time
  4. Dearjr

    Second time around!

    @Thesoutherncook i don't believe it as me. I wanted to do activity and didn't care about numbers So what is the difference in protocol?
  5. Dearjr

    Second time around!

    I hope your surgery goes well And don't push the pt. Just walking and getting up around the house is important. Let it rest and get the swelling down
  6. Dearjr

    TKR April 4th

    Just to give you all more encouragement I did not have any pain after surgery....really.... I got a femoral nerve block that dated in for 2 days and that helped along with a spinal. Yiu should ask for it I'm now 1 1/2 years out and doing well up and down stairs walking. Only I have clicking but...
  7. Dearjr

    Home preparation advice

    @flkayaker i found one thing that was indispensable was the commode that has adjustable height. You will find that at the beginning squatting to a normal position to sit is hard in lower toilet seats. The commode can be made high too. Also if you have a shower you could sit in it and have...
  8. Dearjr

    TKR Joyfull61's Recovery Thread

    I just went down 5 flights of stairs with my one year old knee and felt great Hope you continue to do all the things you want to
  9. Dearjr

    TKR New life with my new knee 8/11/15

    Good luck and check in with us sometime
  10. Dearjr

    Knee Infection* The girl with the two fake knees

    Good luck with the new knee Rest while you can because home is coming soon
  11. Dearjr

    TKR Late Bloomer<

    Unfortunately germs go around everywhere!
  12. Dearjr

    TKR Late Bloomer<

    I hope u continue to heal quickly but granulation tissue comes in slowly but don't loose patience. It will heal. And as the others have said let it open to air. Keeping under a bandage will only slow the healing
  13. Dearjr

    Revision TKR Questions after revisions

    I had a tkr a year ago and didn't take the advice of the board till 3 months in. Since slowing down after that it worked better and I can do all I need with 115-120 Hooray for all the advice you have given
  14. Dearjr

    Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

    It's is rough to be a dialysis nurse My dad says that his nurses are the hardest working he has seen and he appreciates them so much I'm sure u do the same for your patients I'm a pediatrician on my feet all day At the end the knee feels stiffer but it moves fine to do things I need Do most...
  15. Dearjr

    Sr. BoneSmartie's Club - Applications Invited

    Thanks Jaime Appreciated Hope to keep more active now than ever A friend of mine is getting a tkr tommorow
  16. Dearjr

    Should I get my second knee done, or wait till it gets worse?

    I had my tkr a year ago. I waited too long for the first till I could do nothing. Steps one at a time Pants laying flat to get on Couldn't pull up socks Couldn't ride a bike That was the right I thought I would do the left right away but saw that it wasn't bad yet. So I will wait till a...
  17. Dearjr

    TKR Karena71's recovery....

    Once your staples come out you will feel much better and the mindset will change. Now it will be easier to move and bend. But remember take it easy it's only the begining
  18. Dearjr

    Questions for a PT

    Hi bill Good luck in October There are many standard excercises for knee replacements and knees in general. I would make sure your pt has worked with many tkr patients and understands that a number is not the important thing but how functional you are for what you need to do I am at 115-120...

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