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    Barred from posting a PM

    Why do I get an 'Oops error your message contains 'spam like language' when trying to post a PM ? - no inappropriate bad language , just everyday conversation. Obviously an over-enthusiastic algorithm - what are the banned words or phrases that trigger it as I never use any 'inappropriate' language?
  2. K

    change email address

    I need to change my email address as my old one has been hacked but when I change on 'account detail' I get a message to say this address is already in use. Yes - by me !
  3. K

    THR Psoas tendonitis?

    Hello Thankyou for your interest , my hip surgeon was concerned about my recent MRI - as I have left hip pain and also right side back and leg pain. Several anomalies on MRI point to possibility of spine being root cause of both. However appointment yesterday did not go well, this consultant...
  4. K

    THR Psoas tendonitis?

    Had further x-rays, blood tests and double MRI - lumbar and pelvic - hip implant is sound, no infection found via bloods - although still painful especially during the night. But MRI indicates multi-level facet joint disease coupled with potential nerve root entrapment. Suggestion of repeating...
  5. K

    THR Psoas tendonitis?

    No the facet joint injection was for sciatica on right side - unrelated to groin pain four years after LTHR. Had several sciatica attacks over previous 17 years - other treatment including epidural steroid injection useless. Sciatica pain radiates from buttock down outer thigh to ankle...
  6. K

    THR Psoas tendonitis?

    Thanks for your response Chris - re surgery dates, LTHR was September 2016 - ultrasound guided steroid injection into Psoas tendon February 2021 - ineffective, attempting further consultation with surgeon for next move Right side sciatica - First attack 2003, lasted 5 months - eventually given...
  7. K

    THR Psoas tendonitis?

    I had a left THR four+ years ago age 69 - needed not due to age/arthritis but undiagnosed Perthes disease as a child. Took almost 60 years to get the op, left leg being shorter. Surgeon lengthened the leg 2 and half cms and until past year it had been semi-satisfactory as in no pain but still...
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    THR restless legs and knee pain<

    Hi Josephine - thankyou for your reply, I have read your experience with knee recovery but is this the same as a hip replacement ? ... as I understand it from other people I know - knee recovery is much worse than hips !! To answer your questions: 1) This was a posterior approach incision, I...
  9. K

    THR restless legs and knee pain<

    I had a posterior left THR nearly three weeks ago having suffered with intermittent hip and leg pain from the age of 12 (now 69) - numerous specialists came up with different diagnoses from untreated slipped epiphysis to Perthes diseases as a child, all agreeing my hip joint was a mess and my...

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