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  1. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Hip Surgery Pre-Op BTHR 11/15/2022

    Hi @Mgbwm28, you will be fine, trust me, my biggest aide was the grabber and shoe horn to get my footwear on. After 2 weeks you will be surprisingly self sufficient, best of luck from another double hippie.
  2. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Clarice's Hip Preop Thread

    Hi Clarice, had my Bilateral 20th May 2021, quite a bit apprehensive prior to surgery but luckily only had 2 weeks to dwell about it, best decision I have ever made, but don’t be too hasty going back riding both hips will still be very raw for a few months they need time for your muscles to...
  3. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Excited to get two THR!

    Hi @Zoebichon, as a fellow Bilateral Hippie I am totally amazed with your recovery, I thought I was out of hospital fast after being let out on my third day, I too was walking regularly up too about 6 weeks pre op but having to stop due to my left hip giving way on me and growth of spurs on both...
  4. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    Good afternoon fellow Hippies, I am celebrating my one year anniversary for Bilateral THR and because they are so well behaved we are treating my hips to 9 days in sunny Kos in Greece for some well deserved rest and sunshine. ☀️
  5. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    @Mojo333 Happy double hip replacement 5 year anniversary, mine will be a year old 20th May.
  6. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR PT before and after THR

    Best of luck with your surgery, had mine done 20th May last year and I can honestly say there are days when I completely forget that I had BTHR I am 80% back to normal, you will be fine.
  7. Wyn wombat

    THR Help me I'am FREAKING OUT!

    Hi guys feeling anxious is natural I was the same prior to my Bilateral hip replacement once it was over, couldn’t believe what all the fuss was about. Best of luck.
  8. Wyn wombat

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Happy anniversary @Mersada glad things are going well for you, my 6 month anniversary is tomorrow and feeling fine also .
  9. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    Hi everyone, 5 month anniversary today and feeling good. Back to work tomorrow so fingers crossed all will be ok, don’t think I will be climbing electricity poles for a while, but you never know perhaps I will surprise myself.
  10. Wyn wombat

    THR Finally On The Recovery Side

    Hi @Mersada, happy 6 month hip anniversary, glad you are doing good, my 5 month hip anniversary is tomorrow and I can appreciate how you feel. Keep up the good work.
  11. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    Hi everybody, just a quick catchup just passed my 4 month anniversary for my Bilateral THR and must say everything thing is very good in the hips department, keeping on top of my walking but grounded the last week due to covid-19 that has hit myself and the rest of my family so 10 days of...
  12. Wyn wombat

    THR Help is this normal

    Hi Hippymomma, I still have stiffness in both hips first thing in the morning after my double hip replacement over 14 weeks ago but it’s a discomfort I will gladly take at this stage of my recovery. Keep going you are doing fine.
  13. Wyn wombat

    THR Bad hips!!

    Hi, I am 11 weeks post op, walking 3 - 4 miles a day ok, but having to concentrate going around tight corners having to force the turn like a beginner forcing a snowplough turn. I personally can’t see you skiing for next season there are so much soft tissues that will take time to heal and bed in.
  14. Wyn wombat

    THR Bad hips!!

    Hi @skigirl i am glad I had both mine done the same time one recovery but baring in mind it is 2 major operations and I had mine done late Thursday afternoon and was back home Sunday morning which was very early post op. I also tried using walking sticks 2 weeks post op but soon regretted it...
  15. Wyn wombat

    THR Feeling anxious about first THR

    Hi @fancy_socks i am 11 weeks post Bilateral THR and feel brilliant I am 55 so don’t worry about the age thing, best of luck.
  16. Wyn wombat

    THR Tweb's Hip Recovery

    Hi @Tweb, sorry to hear you are struggling with sleeping on your replaced hip side. I had both hips done 10 weeks ago and can honestly say I am quite happy laying on either side but slight discomfort turning over, possibly I have a bit more padding on my hips. Look after yourself.
  17. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    Thank you @Elsinore, how are you keeping.
  18. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    Hi all, 10 week anniversary today post op, must say everything going well doing my daily walks anything up to 4 miles slightly sore afterwards, and also popping sensation only in my right hip nothing in the left, no concerns really enjoying the current heatwave.
  19. Wyn wombat

    Bilateral THR Bilateral THR Recovery Begins

    So much for the the Mr brave guy 15 st plus, I have Had a remarkable week plus with my recovery visits to the beach walking, visitors calling but today few beers with my mates watching Wales playing footie against Italy in the Euroe’s finally took its toll on me not so much pain but...
  20. Wyn wombat

    THR Birthday present to me-a new hip!

    @ShipsIntheNight I do sympathies with you, I am 25 days post op for Bilateral THR I too found it impossible to sleep more than a few hours, what with frequent loo visits upto 5 times a night I reduced that by not having the ice packs too close too too my inner thighs and bladder area. Also if...

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