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  1. 60mom

    TKR Scar very tight

    Mine did the same thing. My daughter told me to put Vaseline on it and it really helped it to feel less tight. I still put it on at almost 6 wks when I wear jeans as they are a bit irritating and it helps with any clothing that is ruff.
  2. 60mom

    TKR Hello from the UK!

    I feel for you because you and I seem to be about the same when we had our surgery but having more pain then most at this point in recovery. We both have had the MUA. So frustrating! Seems like I will have a few good days and start to think ok I am happy with this decision and then I start...
  3. 60mom

    TKR Worried Knee

    Susie, I lived in Rancho Cucamonga for 20 some years. I was suppose to go back for my husbands cancer treatment at Loma Linda this summer but due to some new developments here with a new cancer center we will be staying. A little sad as I would have liked to spend the summer with my family...
  4. 60mom

    TKR Okay, I just had a great fall!!

    Ouch! Reminds me of the time my dog was running up behind me and caught my flip flop with his paw. Needless to say I went flying and it sent me right into my door with my head. I laughed too, lol. So another dog trying to do us in, got to love them :puppysmooze:. But didn't feel so good...
  5. 60mom

    PKR Emotional

    My doctors orders were not to drive till 8 wks if it was the right knee. I did the same as detazlady I went to a parking lot and practiced driving till I felt I was strong enough not to have any issues. Been driving since at no problems at all. Once you practice you will get your confidence back.
  6. 60mom

    TKR This time I am doing it right and having a blast

    Wonderful to hear and I pray the next test has good results as well. :flwrysmile:
  7. 60mom

    TKR RTKR on 12/17/12 need advice

    I can really understand where you are coming from as we have been in pretty much the same predicament. The only reason I did my knee in December was because of my husbands issues and we already paid in a lot of our medical deductible so I thought why not take advantage of that and do my knee...
  8. 60mom

    Bilateral TKR I Can't Believe It...I Did It!!!

    I always get some stiffness after doing exercise if I over do and I am 5 months out. That internal swelling is telling you that what you did today was a bit too much. I doesn't have to look swollen to be swollen, stiffness is also a sign of swelling. Try to increase activity slowly so just...
  9. 60mom

    TKR This time I am doing it right and having a blast

    I think one of the painful things about loosing Kayla even after all these years is the worry since they are twins that something will happen to Megan. The worry is I was placed on a medication to keep me from having a miscarriage. That medicine is possibly the cause of the tumor so it is not...
  10. 60mom

    TKR Worried Knee

    My first PT was too aggressive with flexion I had gotten to 110 and then with all that stress on my knee I dropped back to 85 from swelling I am sure but OS thought I needed a manipulation. I had that and went to PT they got me to 122 that day but of course because of the over aggressiveness I...
  11. 60mom

    TKR This time I am doing it right and having a blast

    Prayers everything is fine Tashia! :console2: My poor daughter had 4 migraines this week I think due to the heat. She is on a soccer team and has 3 practices a week plus the game. She is their best player so ends up staying in the game the whole time. I have tried to get her to drink lots...
  12. 60mom

    TKR Recovering from TKR

    I have not tried doing rowing or an elliptical at all. With the rowing machine did it hurt at all initially? I want to try some things but am a little worried. I have looked at the rowing machine but thought it might be too much bending. Is it easy to control how far it bends. So glad you...
  13. 60mom

    TKR Blue skies and a new knee

    Shellbelle sounds like you are doing well except for the lightheadedness and weakness. Could be blood pressure dropping when you get up as well. Maybe try sitting up a bit before trying to walk. Sometimes meds can mess with your blood pressure. Good they are checking your hemoglobin. The...
  14. 60mom

    TKR Finally recovering

    It is good to hear stories where it gets better. Especially for those whose recovery is going a bit slower. I am 5 months and I had a really great day on Saturday despite 6 hours in the car over the course of the day. But then Sunday and Monday I was really stiff, today better. ROM keeps...
  15. 60mom

    PKR Emotional

    That second answer was really for Rambo but then I realized what works for a girl won't work for the guy, :loll:
  16. 60mom

    PKR Emotional

    Diane, :rotfl: you are just too funny. I have knelt on the good knee trying to keep the weight off my TKR knee. It has been ok. I am 5 months out. Maybe a really soft pillow under your TKR knee and trying to bear most of your weight on the other knee if that is possible.
  17. 60mom

    TKR Vickie's Knee Recovery

    I am 5 months and still have it. It can be frustrating but I think you have to expect some of that for up to a year and I think I heard some say if they over do it can get stiff even after a year. You had an MUA so you have to go from that date not your TKR date for recovery. That puts you at...
  18. 60mom

    New here and very happy I found you

    I was having problems around 10 wks I think, it just started hurting and being irritated to anything that touched it. It surprised me that it took so long to start. My brother-in-law couldn't stand anything on his from the very beginning. My daughter kept telling me to try Vaseline and...
  19. 60mom

    Bilateral TKR I Can't Believe It...I Did It!!!

    So true, I took a bath last night and decided to do some heel slides in the water. I am paying for it today. I know my knee does not like that but I continue to do it from time to time. Such a learning curve that I am slow to get! :loll:
  20. 60mom

    Revision TKR Revision: Second Time Is the Charm

    I am so excited. It hasn't felt stiff at all. Had a little pain yesterday and just iced the small area not the whole knee. I have stopped icing the whole knee temporarily. I realize I still might need that at times but I think this late in the game sometimes moist heat is what it really...

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