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    TKR April surgery

    This is a comparison of last week and about a year ago. I could not get my feet close together without moving it with my hands! So I am definitely happy about this. i will check out the “Post Op Blues”!
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    TKR April surgery

    Layla, it’s my right leg. I am going to take a look at the resources in the previous reply. I am just feeling sorry for myself right now. First time since surgery I feel like this. I guess that may also be totally normal. Thanks again!
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    TKR April surgery

    Oh my you’ve been through a lot. Maybe I need to stop comparing myself to others too. I had quite a deformity before surgery. Maybe they didn’t. I attached a pic showing before and last week. I have pain in the whole leg, which I imagine is because the muscles and ligaments, etc have to change...
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    TKR April surgery

    I just found this group and am grateful. I had TKR on April 26,2023. I am looking for support. Almost five weeks post op and doing well but am just plain tired of the pain. I do my exercises faithfully and have another couple weeks of outpatient therapy to I just impatient to want the pain...

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