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    TKR mrschooch in recovery

    UPDATE: I am now 4 weeks and some change out. I am walking with one I work from home and sit on my butt for a living, I went back to work PT at week 2 1/2 and FT by week 3 1/2. In home PT forgot about me and never came, even though I called twice. I had my TRKR done 10 and 12...
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    May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May 2022?

    It has been a while since I have been here...onto my 2nd TKR...left side this time. Scheduled for Friday the 13th! :shocked:
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    TKR Help, weird loose feeling...

    So I went to the doctor today and they believe I may have torn my MCL. Yikes, gave me a hinged splint and I have to talk to him again on Friday!
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    TKR Help, weird loose feeling...

    Well tomorrow I meet with ortho to see what is going on. It has happened three times in the past week. Really weird, but no rhyme or reason when it happens!
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    TKR Help, weird loose feeling...

    Hello All, I do not post much here, but lurk quite a bit. Anyhow...a little about what is going on. July 2010 TKR right knee. Had this weird pain that turned out to be cement stuck in the back of my knee, July 2012 TKR revision. Fine until now, painful, swollen...admittedly I am doing too...
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    Weaning off medication

    Went to the doctor today. Got a lecture on doing way too much too soon...sigh, then he said the "bump" set me back a few weeks. He it was really angry right now and to ice, elevate, and take it easy!! Relieved that is all. I hate pain I am having since, it is behind my knee an calf!
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    Revision TKR My dog "hip checked" me...

    Thank you all for your replies...I called yesterday afternoon. They will see me next Thursday. If it feels better before then, I can cancel it. Slept better last night, took pain meds, iced, and elevated. Here's hoping today is a better day!:yahoo:
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    Revision TKR My dog "hip checked" me...

    I have 3 large babies, that are really gentle giants...Molly (English Mastiff), Bella (St. Bernard), and Lili (Great Dane). They have all been great around me. Sunday afternoon, Lili got herself wedged in between some boxes that are in my office right now. As I got up out of my office chair...
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    TKR 4 weeks post surgery?

    Thanks all. I had a marathon PT session yesterday then went to work for 4 hours...I was dead tired, drained after that. I then had a hellish night's sleep last night. I have today off and will be canceling one appointment tomorrow to make it a 4 hour day tomorrow instead of a long day. Wow...
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    TKR 4 weeks post surgery?

    I take 2 hydroco/apap 5-325 before bed. During the day I elevate a lot, but am spending more and more time not...instead walking around cleaning up after kids, dogs, kids, cats, kids...did I mention kids, lo? I ice at night and after PT which is three times a week. I sit at my desk in my home...
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    TKR 4 weeks post surgery?

    So tomorrow will be 4 weeks. I will be going back to work PT tomorrow. I have been very good this time around, babying, taking it easy, question as I get more active... When I am on my feet walking around, sitting on edge of bed, or sitting at desk for extended periods of time...
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    TKR Made it to the other side!

    Surgery was Monday, 7/23 at 10am. Uneventful. Woke up to more pain than the last time. Room mate was a pain in the neck, not as bad as last one, but bad enough that I kept curtains closed the entire time. Tuesday i spent most of the day crying...pain, weepy, and no sleep from the room mate...
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    Tomorrow at 8:30 AM

    Thanks all...trying to think positive, happy, non-nervous thoughts!
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    Tomorrow at 8:30 AM

    Tomorrow is the day...I leave at 8:30 AM and will be in surgery by 10:30 AM. I am a lot calmer this time around, lol! A few of you may recall my rant about not being able to find slippers 12 hours before surgery. I am just ready for this knee to be fixed and be on the mend! Anyone that has...
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    July 2012 - Are You Having Knee Surgery in July?

    Count me in for round two...will have the first new knew I got replaced and fixed on 7/23! Looking forward to being able to living pain free!
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    UGH...another surgery!

    I don't even know what to say right now. Had my RTKR done in July of 2010. Had problems with pain along the bone line. My other surgeon said they saw something on the X-ray. I went in in March of 2011 and had arthroscopic surgery with the original surgeon who did the replacement. He fixed...
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    Post Op Visit today

    Had the knee scope on 3/8, stitches out on 3/14, headed to WDW on 3/16, and post-op visit today. He told me that he removed a lot of scar tissue and bits of cement and some other stuff, I have since forgotten. He told me scars looked great...then asked about pain. I told him I was still having a...
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    sleep positions

    Hi Janni, I, too, found that sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees brought me great relief and improved sleep. I bought 2 cheap pillows at Target and found they held up very well. In fact, I used them this past week for my most recent knee surgery. I am a stomach sleeper. If I...
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    I agree. The surgery I had last week on my "new knee"--the surgeon told me to elevate and ice continuously for the next 4-5 days. I tried sitting off and on at my desk yesterday and it swelled and was very painful. Not sure what was different, but I can tell you I have forgotten all about the...
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    Hi Dewy and welcome. My take on an ice machine, is what they gave me in the hopsital. It is a pad, hooked up to a cooler type device, which you can empty and refill--colder than an ice pack, and my best friend!:biggrin: If you head on over to the library, you will find information about icing...

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