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  1. thabisodl

    THR New Here- THR 8/22/22- Muscle Atrophy (maybe)

    Hi @SweetV had my left hip revision about a weeks ago I use two crutches yet I still feel the clicking and popping sensation on the operated hip, my question is does it ever go away. I know it’s early days for me
  2. thabisodl

    Hip Infection* Spacer Out - Hip In

    On the 1st of February had spacer removed and prosthesis inserted, using two crutches to move around but use one for short distances around the house little to almost no pain. But have a slight clicking and popping sensation when I walk (which has me worried) I am loving and enjoying new hip so...
  3. thabisodl

    Hip Infection* Spacer Out - Hip In

    I had a hip spacer put in on the 14th of December. I’m a due for review 19th January 2023, hopefully will be rid of infection. Had been misdiagnosed for long so buy the time has surgery had severe atrophy which makes things worse because cannot even move leg to get out of back, using crutches...
  4. thabisodl

    Hip Infection* Spacer Out - Hip In

    Hi I’m new here not sure how to go about, I recently had an antibiotic spacer, put in two days ago, have a review in January then will have a date for prosthesis to be put, I’m looking for advice in coping so long. Has anyone had the spacer put before and does it ever get any better with the...

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