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  1. Hippyhooray

    THR Hippyhooray’s recovery – Left THR

    My hip recovery has been going well, and I have been returning to normal activities and really appreciating being released from the prison of pain. But I was very surprised at my recent annual physical to find out I had gained about 14 lbs! There really hadn’t been any major dietary changes...
  2. Hippyhooray

    THR Hippyhooray’s recovery – Left THR

    I am doing amazingly well, bandage is off and I walked over a mile yesterday! I’m feel well physically but still letting go of the stress of dealing of many months of pain and stress during the wait for surgery. I find that the spirit of curiosity has led me to walk without the cane, and when I...
  3. Hippyhooray

    THR Hippyhooray’s recovery – Left THR

    Continuing on this journey (Day 4), I continue to improve and able to manage the pain by staying on meds schedule. I had so much worry during the months leading up to surgery. It was nerve-wracking to contemplate my future post-op pain in the midst of the pre-op pain. In retrospect the grinding...
  4. Hippyhooray

    THR Hippyhooray’s recovery – Left THR

    What a difference a day makes! I am now 24 hours out from surgery resting at home since yesterday afternoon! It's way more peaceful here than it was at the surgical facility. It had been quite an emotional rollercoaster the last week of my 12 week wait, during which time my condition...
  5. Hippyhooray

    THR Hopeful but nervous: THR 3-23

    Thanks to everyone who has posted on this board from which I have learned so much as I get up to speed before my left THR surgery next week. On the one hand after a year of first moderate, and now severe osteoarthritis, I am tired of the constant pain and difficulty in mobility. But I am fearful...

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