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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    So sorry! Yes, that's what I meant to say, that I appreciated you acknowledging my feelings about yoga, not that it's important for everyone. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    Part 2 of my slooooowwwwww attempt at regaining my life after THR. Sorry if this isn't super positive. Let me know if I need to delete it because it isn't appropriate. I want new people to know that this journey is unusually long and that my nerve damage is a very rare complication. My hip was...
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    Thanks, Layla, for acknowledging that yoga is super important. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do some things with my implant (although my surgeon and PA did not give me any idea that I would have ANY limitations.) I'm going to talk about my journey in the next post, but I don't want you all...
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    THR Anterior LTHR on 12/1

    @Seattle1522 Yay!! I took my own advice and have been doing them myself. :heehee:
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    8-week update (almost 2 months!) My newest hip continues to improve, and I am continually surprised at what I find myself doing. Today, I went to the library and actually passed up some people who were walking slowly. Seriously, that hasn't happened in 2 years. And I could pivot to go around...
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    Hemi-Arthroplasty Hip Bursitis after Partial Hip Replacement

    Thanks @Layla, for the clarification!
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    Hemi-Arthroplasty Hip Bursitis after Partial Hip Replacement

    Hey @PIKEBOB It's definitely confusing at first. If you just remember that you ALWAYS must post in your ONE recovery thread, you will be fine. That was the difficult part for me.
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    THR Equipment used and Must Haves

    I found that any clothing must have pockets because your hands will be tied up with the crutches or cane. You will need to carry your phone and sometimes other stuff. My first surgery was in the summer, and someone gave me a tip to just wear a cooking apron around the house. Brilliant! In the...
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    Hemi-Arthroplasty Hip Bursitis after Partial Hip Replacement

    Hi @PIKEBOB There will be a moderator around to officially welcome you, but in the meantime, welcome! Have you detected a pattern regarding when your quads hurt? Are there any exercises that seem to trigger it? Is there a reason for the extended (9 months) of PT? Oh, and what does your PT say...
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    Bilateral TKR 2 TKRs in 2020, problems with 1"+ heels.

    Hi @Misqueeine1953 Darn, I feel your pain! I'm on my second hip replacement and. Hoping I can get back to wearing cute shoes. As with everything else in the joint replacement world, I think working up to what you want to do slowly is the key. I agree with FCBayern in that your old shoes...
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    Hip Infection* Sudden pain 2 1/2 years after hip revision

    @Whoknew Oh, dear, that sounds painful! Did you check in with your OS? I'm sorry, I can't answer your question about popping in and out. Bit I'm sorry you are in pain.
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    THR It’s done!

    @KitKat3 The picture you posted looks like it would work fine. You can arrange pillows on your back so that you can lean back just enough to honor the 90 degree rule. Are you doing ok, comfort-wise? With the foam wedge, just make sure your whole lower leg is resting on it. If it elevates your...
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    THR I'm on the other side!!

    Agh. Soooo annoying! Sounds like you are doing really well otherwise!
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    THR Surgery October 25, back to living!

    Hi @Bodie’sMom! Wow, you are doing great! I'm at 8 weeks next week. My abductors/gluteus medius muscles are super tight on both sides and also feel weak. I mentioned it to my PT and she thought it was normal. I had an anterior approach. Good job, getting through the first 8 weeks!
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    THR Anterior LTHR on 12/1

    Hi @Seattle1522 I'm checking on you to see if your surgeon was ok with the gentle stretching suggestions I gave you. I forgot to mention that when you ask, you need to be super specific when describing the stretches. This is colored by a couple of bad experiences I have had. As soon as I...
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    THR Heel pain four months after TRHR.

    Hi @barbbfrombowie Wow, that's rough, frustrating and obviously very painful. I'm so sorry! Any physical therapist that won't listen is not the one for you. Take it easy. I hope things get better and you find out what's going on with your heel.
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    THR Heel pain four months after TRHR.

    Hi @barbbfrombowie Let your PT know when a change hurts. One reason for the appointments is that they can try new things while you are being monitored to see if it is appropriate. Obviously, the changes are not appropriate yet, as they are causing pain. At 12 weeks, your PT is testing your...
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    THR Anterior LTHR on 12/1

    Oooohhh! I'm so happy to find another yoga person here! Yes, after a year and a half of THR recovery, I have lots of modifications that you can start with. I had the anterior approach also. One on each side. :) You can do them with a chair (a sturdy dining chair, nothing squishy). Apologies in...
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    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    I am officially at 7 weeks now! I'm continually gaining strength and mobility in my new hip. My physical therapist says it's exactly where it should be right now. I'm going to start going to PT every 2 weeks (instead of 1) so I can do my exercises at home and then she can assess and adjust from...
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    THR Anterior LTHR on 12/1

    Wow, it sounds like you are doing great! I honestly can't believe you're working-- that might be the deep pain (from sitting more than your hip wants to). Amazing! The numbness continues to shrink, so no worries about that. So happy you are doing well!!! @Seattle1522

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