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    Stemless Shoulder Replacement K’s Rough Recovery

    Found out this afternoon that I will be having surgery this Friday to repair the ruptured subscapularis tendon. I was thankfully able to speak to the surgeon on the phone and she stated the repair needed to be done ASAP. The more time we wait the more the tendon will retract and scar over...
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    Stemless Shoulder Replacement K’s Rough Recovery

    Just home from my appointment with the surgeon. New x-rays found that my humerus was slightly raised within the joint compared to the X-rays taken 10 days post op. My shoulder was also torqued anteriorly on physical exam. Surgeon was concerned about my subscapularis being torn. Luckily, she...
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    Stemless Shoulder Replacement K’s Rough Recovery

    Nothing out of the ordinary happened that I can think of at that timeframe. Maybe a sudden movement but nothing that jumps out. It was on my right shoulder. I have not started PT. My doc said wait until 6-7 weeks and with the increased pain I wanted to talk to her first before going. Oh man...
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    Stemless Shoulder Replacement K’s Rough Recovery

    Hi everyone. I had my TSR w/ a stemless humeral component on October 19, 2022. Post op I was put in an immobilizer and told only passive movements and to not start PT until 6-7 weeks. I have an ice machine with compression and it’s amazing, using it a few times a day. This was my 8th surgery...

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