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  1. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Cakes 2114 - Knee Recovery Thread

    While I was in the hospital for the rhabdomyolysis, one of the nurses felt there was too much extra picc line sticking out than normal. An xray was ordered, and showed the picc had moved 6" !! Hang in there!
  2. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Cakes 2114 - Knee Recovery Thread

    My picc line was removed while I waited for new tkr. My first picc line moved out of place after several weeks. I had to have a new one, and it was placed in my other arm. I was initially on vancomycin, then switched to daptomycin. Unfortunately I developed rhabdomyolysis from it and was...
  3. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Long Road

    Wishing you continued healing. It's a tough journey, but the fight is worth it. I'm a few months shy of a year when my infection nightmare began. Today I'm pain free and living life. You can check out my treatment and long journey. Stay strong and continue fighting.
  4. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    6 month check in: Knee is doing great. Swelling is a very rare event. No pain, but still some weird numbness on lower leg. Foot pain and stiffness is almost totally gone. My recent labs showed a slight uptake in inflammatory markers, but my OS is not too concerned and feels it might be an...
  5. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Infection long after TKR

    MGNance, my initial symptoms were like yours. My aspiration labs did not reveal what infection I had, but my OS sent them off to a big lab. After 2 weeks of culture growth, it came back as Staphylococcus Caprae. Mine was most likely an infected bug bite from many months before. Treating the...
  6. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Been through the wringer and back!

    I'm sorry you are going through the tkr infection nightmare. You can read my journey through this. It's been7 months since the infection reared its ugly head, six years after my initial tkr. After a horrendous summer, I am finally doing well and getting my life back. Yes, 2020 has got to be...
  7. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    This week marks 4 months since my new implant. My last PT session is tomorrow. Overall I am doing great. No real knee pain at all. Foot is gaining more range of motion, but still painful if trying to tip toe. I've lost a significant amount of weight over this 7 month ordeal, and feeling a lot...
  8. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    Week 14 Doing great ! Started PT twice a week. Have 6 sessions left. My therapist is running out of new things for me to work on, as I'm easily accomplishing my goals. If anyone would have asked me if this was possible at the beginning of this 6 month ordeal, I would have never believed it...
  9. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Kurt_H's Knee Infection

    Hi Kurt, great news that your numbers continued improving and you were cleared for stage 2. Glad you're on the other side! It really is amazing how unstable that spacer is. Now that you're weight bearing, you're on your way to getting your life back. I had so many set backs and dark days during...
  10. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Repeated infections!

    My surgeon instructed daily dressing changes. First using peroxide, then rubbing alchohol, and lastly betadine, all liberally and allowing to dry between each. Are you on antibiotics?
  11. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    Thank you, Sistersinhim. I will try that.
  12. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    Week 11 No PT this week, still waiting on insurance ok for more sessions. Knee feels great. Swelling mostly under control. Foot pain still an issue, but seems somewhat better. Lots of stretching and walking is helping. Having a little trouble adjusting to the oral antibiotic, but not nearly...
  13. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    The oral antibiotic I've been prescribed is Minocycline 100mg twice daily. Has anyone else taken this?
  14. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    Week 10 Follow up visit with Infectious Disease doctor after being off all antibiotics for 6 weeks. Lab results good. One marker was slightly elevated, but still lower than previous labs. He felt it was still within acceptable range (was .1 higher than normal range). He released me, and said...
  15. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Kurt_H's Knee Infection

    Kurt, hope you're doing better, getting rest, and all your questions answered by your medical staff. Hang in there! LolaB
  16. LolaBee

    Bilateral TKR Rubber bands around ankles

    I first felt the ankle band when I had the first surgery for 2 stage revision 5 months ago. It never went away. I had the new prosthetic implanted 2 months ago, and still have the tight ankle band feeling. My OS said it was probably due to swelling. I have quite a lot of lower leg swelling, and...
  17. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Revision with infection

    Week 9 Knee is coming along nicely. Not a lot of swelling, even after PT or over doing things. Incision sensitivity is almost completely gone. Overall knee pain is 0-1 most of the time. Because I spent months basically bedridden, my core strength is poor. I've been having lower back pain and...
  18. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Kurt_H's Knee Infection

    Thanks Kurt. I, too was constantly overthinking things. My surgeon told me I'd have a rough road ahead, but after that he kept painting a rosy picture of the journey and then kept things close to the vest and not always truthful. :no-fin: Fortunately my Infectious disease doctor was very open...
  19. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Kurt_H's Knee Infection

    Kurt, I was on IV antibiotics 12 weeks, then off 2 weeks before new prosthetic. The reason given to be off is a chance for any infection that might still be in me to grow. After 2 weeks, I had labs that showed not infection. During new prosthetic surgery several tissue samples were harvested and...
  20. LolaBee

    Knee Infection* Kurt_H's Knee Infection

    Oops! I just realized a typo above. My surgeon said 4 WEEKS, not months.


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