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  1. dids

    New navbar and links

    I think the members will be able to access it okay - and the Calender - Bill?
  2. dids

    Hello Newby help

    Oh gosh - I never noticed you are in the UK! Want to tell me which hospital/surgeon? I may know them! And yes, many surgeons do perform bilaterals which means having both done at the same time. But do read around the threads and see the reports from people who have had it done. Not for the...
  3. dids

    hip Replacement surgery

    What a thought! But if you knew the micro-machining that goes into make sure the ball is a perfect to the cup by thousandths of a mm to make it smooth as if it was on air, you'd realise why it doesn't go 'click clack'! Even the big ends in your car engine are not fashion into such a perfect fit...
  4. dids

    One at a time or both at once?

    I've never known it done. I wouldn't think that, from a purely practical (surgical) point of view it would be a good thing to attempt. (The information provided here is an opinion of the site monitor and should not be construed as a medical opinion. The site monitor has 40 plus years...
  5. dids

    knee replacement

    About how long the prostheses last: Thing you have to bear in mind is that surgeons will always err on the side of caution when giving this information. The basic is that the current prostheses have only been around for about 15 years or so, so the reality is that no-one really knows HOW long...
  6. dids

    knee replacement biking, walking

    Remember that bone and cartilage can get inflamed and bruised as well. Many don't realise that. So the pain you get can often be from inflamed joint surface as much as from muscles and ligaments for which the best cure is rest, anti-inflammatories and icepacks.
  7. dids

    Life without a much wanted new knee!

    Absolutely! There are as many different opinions out there as there are orthopods! Decision to proceed should - IMVHO - depend upon what quality of life the patient has NOW! And yours seem pretty ghastly. So get ringing round and find a chap who'll deal with you with comp***ion and not as a...
  8. dids

    stiffness after surgery

    Do what ya' have to - that's my motto! There's no correct or incorrect way. Everyone has their own way of coping with things and what works for one person is fine. I've had to do the sideways thing when my knee is in a flare-up and I certainly did it after my scope. Happily, when I bought my...
  9. dids

    Wife too young for replacements?

    A surgeon might well say that to a 46 year old. I think the opinion might differ for someone in their twenties.
  10. dids

    AVN and Fosamax???

    I think that conditions like that - anything in the throat - are really scary. I had a similar problem myself once, kept getting a condition called laryngo-spasm where basically, the cords would go into spasm so I couldn't breathe in. It was really horrible and frightening but they never found...
  11. dids

    AVN and Fosamax???

    Did your doctors explain to you WHY you had epiglottitis? It is usually caused by a viral infection which has no relation to the contraindications the literature is referring to. I found this website in a search
  12. dids

    questions about anesthesia

    BTW many anaesthetists will give you a knock-out med so although you're still in control of your own breathing and such, you are unaware of anything until you get into recovery. My sister had that and said it was much like having a GA for not being aware of the goings on. That's what I want. But...
  13. dids

    Cannot stand this anymore

    You can work out your own BMI with this chart
  14. dids

    Overall, I love my new knees at almost 17 weeks...

    You are sooo right, Les. As I said, it is self-selecting for the very reason you state. But I am delighted that you are delighted with your result. It is very encouraging to folks like me. Thank you for posting.
  15. dids

    Bi-Lateral AVN-Just waiting

    Well, it might be rare by the numbers but I've met a lot of it during my career. But perhaps that just means that people with it are more likely to come my way! (doh!!)
  16. dids

    Oldest Hip Replacement

    Sorry, Lighting, I missed this bit of your post. So you must have had your hip done in 1977 then? (Gosh, I was just starting my first theatre manager's post then!) In my career we often put THRs in 20 year olds who'd had displasia or CDH as a child. Secondly, the relative longevity of hip...
  17. dids

    Bi-Lateral AVN-Just waiting

    Very likely - steroids do cause such problems with bone structure especially if you're on them for a long time like a year or more. I'm sure when you've had you hips done you'll 'hit the road running' and wonder why you hesitated. But your second guy was sooo right. I can't think why your first...
  18. dids

    I HURT and I can't get UP !

    Yes, all that AH has said is good advice. Everybody gets post-surgery blues what ever they've had done and having that imp***e where you are convinced you're worse off than before is not at all uncommon. I'd say, sleep where you feel most comfortable, this early in the game, do what you feel...
  19. dids

    hip Replacement surgery

    I think the significance of the metal is over played by a lot people. Think of this - the average body weighs around 190lbs. Each leg is one fifth of the total body weight, thus being about 40lbs. Most hip replacements prostheses weigh around 10 ozs, less if they're made of titanium. So you...
  20. dids

    Bi-Lateral AVN-Just waiting

    As regards the situation with the alcohol, I think the reason may be this; when you get alcohol in your system, it alters the fluid balance in your body and reduces the amount of fluid in places away from vital organs like the liver and kidneys which need it to help get rid of the alcohol. So...


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