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  1. LaxMom

    TKR 2nd time around recovery

    Hi All! Setting up my recovery journal. Surgery is tomorrow morning at 7 am. Same day surgery with a Visionaire knee replacement. I will be home in the afternoon if all goes well. That sounds so odd to me. Feeling ready and looking forward to the new, healthy knee. I know there is a lot to go...
  2. LaxMom

    2nd time around - June 6 LTKR

    Hi Everyone, I had my pre-op labs, MRI and X-ray yesterday and my pre-op physical is tomorrow. This is all getting very real. This is my second knee. I did my right knee and left hip in the fall of 2014. I can't get over how much has changed since my last one! This time, I am getting a...
  3. LaxMom

    TKR Bionic LaxMom

    Setting up my recovery thread so I am ready to post. Surgery is tomorrow, 11-11!
  4. LaxMom

    RTKR fast approaching on 11-11 - 5 weeks after a THR

    Hi All, Originally, my knee replacement was scheduled for 11/18, but just got word from my OS that he wants to move it to 11/11 and I thought why not - one less week of worrying! This is my first post on the knee side. I just had a LTHR on 10/7 and have a recovery thread on the hip post op...
  5. LaxMom

    THR LaxMom on the mend

    Hi Everyone, This is my recovery thread. Surgery was Tuesday, October 7th. My surgeon used the SuperCap method. I was sent home yesterday afternoon with no restrictions. I was so pleased to hear that i do not have to worry about the 90 degree restriction! Today is day one alone in the house...
  6. LaxMom

    Nervously Counting Down to Left Hip Replacement (followed by R knee)

    Hi Everyone, 4 weeks remaining until my left hip replacement on October 7. I will then have my right knee replace on November 17. As the days grow nearer, I am wondering what I got myself into. Both the knee and hip have suddenly gotten more painful and hard to get around on. I worry that my...


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