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  1. ARHip

    Arkansas Hip Revised

    Surgery went well. Exparel was used before they closed me up, which is WONDERFUL! Very little pain or discomfort. I will give update and some interesting details as time goes on. Now just relaxing with family around.
  2. ARHip

    Hip Revision on January 14

    I have surgery scheduled for Jan 14. Doc said I'm exempt from "Joint Academy" orientation, but I'm thinking I need to attend. Previous THR was in 2003. I figure a lot has changed over 10 years and I wonder how much I have forgotten. I'm also curious about others who might be there as a result of...
  3. ARHip

    MoM revision after nearly 10 years

    I am guessing I'm in the right area for these questions. Having a MoM hip revised before the 5 year point seems to be what most (or at least many) experience. I had a very successful MoM replacement, even returning to work at under 3 weeks. I was very active before and since the THR. I began...


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