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  1. Debbie_joints

    TKR I'm Back, with another new knee.

    Boy, it has been awhile. I started out back in December 2011 with a right hip replacement. This group got me through that. Then in Aug 2012 I had a left knee replacement. It was a long haul with the first therapist saying I needed a manipulation. But wise words from this group, I changed...
  2. Debbie_joints

    WoooWhooo One Year Anniversary

    :dancy: :dancy: :egypdance: :egypdance: So hard to believe it is one year ago Dec 1st that I got my right hip replacement. I had a tough start with being sick to my stomach and just not hungry for 3 1/2 weeks. I did ok, pretty much the normal for recovery, three weeks with a walker and...
  3. Debbie_joints

    TKR Debbie1954

    Well, guess it is my turn to start this thread. Hospital called and I am very first one on the list for tomorrow (8/16/12). I don't know if that is good or not, not just because I am first on the list, but because I know my OS will be back from his vacation and I am wondering how he will be...
  4. Debbie_joints

    Driving after TKR and Medications?

    So reading about all of you guys after your surgeries and how you take your medication for pain on schedule and sounds like some of you have to take it for quite a long time. I know everyone's pain is different. But wondering when you all get back behind the wheel. I got a big binder from my...
  5. Debbie_joints

    Anyone Have Blue Cross BS Insurance?

    Finally got my pre authorization today and the assistant for my surgeon said it was for only one night and usually in our hospital you are in there for 2 to 3 nights for knee replacement. She told me that they usually don't have any trouble getting another night out of BC/BS. For my hip...
  6. Debbie_joints

    Doing my pre op exercises....but.....

    I hate doing the one where you ice your knee with a 5 pound weight on it. Don't mind the ice, especially in this heat, but the weight on it sometimes just hurts too much. Trying different ways to position it, not helping much. Suppose to start with 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes. There...
  7. Debbie_joints

    Different size legs

    I know that heading sounds funny, but wanted to know if any of you have different size calf muscles, and for me goes up to above the knee too. I never noticed it before, but when I lost the 70 pounds recently I was icing my knee and looked down at it and thought what the heck. I measured it...
  8. Debbie_joints

    Wishing all of you July week 1 Good Luck!!!

    I know I am new here, but love this forum and want to wish all of your that are heading to the hospital this week good luck. Hope you all check in with us as soon as you can. Good luck to: Week 1 July 02 Tommy464 July 02 skyelark July 02 Stella July 03 DogLady (Maggie-Lee) July 03...
  9. Debbie_joints

    TKR Question about pedicures

    I posted this question in the hip room too as it could go for all joint replacements. My OS told me that I shouldn't have pedicures anymore. I had a RHR and will be having a LTKR in Aug and so I am sure he will say it again, no pedicures. He said he worries about infections. Those salons...
  10. Debbie_joints

    THR Question about pedicures

    I am posting here and in knee replacement as I had a RHR and going to have a LTHR soon. After my RHR I asked my doctor about getting a pedicure and he just shook his head and said no, too many chances of infection and then it could go straight to your hip. Did any of your OS give you that...
  11. Debbie_joints

    How Much Do You Prepare?

    Seeing this is the pre-op area, thought I would ask what you all do before you have your surgery to make it easier on yourself, especially in the kitchen. I had a hip replacement last Dec and made homemade soup and froze in single serving containers, and containers for two. I figured I would...
  12. Debbie_joints

    Question on signature...

    I see on other people's signatures that they post their past surgeries, and upcoming ones. How do you do that? Is that the status update? Sorry to be asking dumb questions, but been looking around and can't find how to do it. Thanks
  13. Debbie_joints

    What kind of anesthesia did you have?

    I have had numerous surgeries, some only being lightly sedated and a couple general anesthesia, and one spinal. I have found that I tend to be very nauseous after a general usually throwing up, or dry heaves a day or so after surgery. Then not being hungry for weeks after. Now that part was...
  14. Debbie_joints

    New Member Here, New Knee Here I come

    Not sure I am doing this right, but will try. Hi my name is Debbie and I am getting a new knee in Aug. Not my first joint replacement, had my right hip replaced last Dec. 1st. That went really well and from being able to walk much better I have now lost 70 pounds. I am about at goal weight...


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