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  1. gerilari

    THR Friday the 13th New Hip

    It will be a week tomorrow but I'm doing ok. Every joint replacement is so different! Just lots of pain and then meds then sleep... I want to be awake and enjoying this time but I just doze off!
  2. gerilari

    Friday the 13th

    I've had my right hip replace and both knees. I'm getting my left hip done this Friday and will be so happy to have it over with. Harder this time I think because I'm tired from all the surgeries the last few years and I know it will be a slow and long process to get back to where I have finally...
  3. gerilari

    Bilateral TKR Hard night

    Had both knees done today, tues. It's about 3am and can't sleep. Pain is ok. My oxygen alarm keeps going off. I'm wearing my c-pap and they even added oxygen to it. They don't know why. They tell me to sleep because PT will by long and hard tomorrow. I've got to stay strong and tell them no. Oh...
  4. gerilari

    Do I still have time?

    My surgery is on March 7th and I just started the exercises today! How did I miss those? I got my packet from the doctors back in July and I guess time just slipped away. Do you think I still have time to get ready?
  5. gerilari


    My Bilateral TKR is March 7th. I'm trying to prepare and would like to know what type of elevation techniques are best. I will be using a recliner. I Had a right hip replacement almost two years ago and the recliner was great to have, but hard to keep three pillows in place. They tended to slid...
  6. gerilari

    Practical "moves" after surgery

    I'm going to be getting two new knees soon and need some help. I can't find much information on Bilateral TKR recovery. I need to know how I will get up from a chair, get into and out of bed and on and off the toilet. Does anyone have information? Thanks so much. This is scary!


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