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    Clicking in my new knee

    I had my surgery on August 15th. I had some problems with the incision not healing correctly. I wound up having a second surgery to correct the incision and was put back into a brace and had to stop therapy. This put me back several weeks, but my staples came out on Sept. 22 and I have been...
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    Booked my surgery

    I'm scheduled for August 15th for a minimally invasive knee replacement. Any thoughts about rehab and the time frame. I'm hoping to be back at work within 4 weeks. Is this realistic? Now that I finally am committed, I'm getting a bit nervous.
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    charlie cramps

    I haven't reach the surgery date yet, but I am interested about the injection. I have a friend who had it, had both knee done and said the rehab was so much easier because of this new injection treatment. Fooled her body into not feeling as much pain and started rehabbing that much sooner...
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    Should I get knee replacement?

    I'm in the planning stages of a knee replacement. I too, have no cartilege left, cannot walk any distance without pain and bad limping. I am 61, always have been very active and into sports. I have given up tennis (for now) and have gain weight from the inactivity. I am planning the less...


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