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  1. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    Hi everyone! Surgery was yesterday and everything went well! I had the single shot block and doctor gave me Tylenol, hydrocodone, and Celebrex before surgery. Post surgery I've been given hydrocodone every 3.5-4 hours. I've had very little pain! I've been amazed at how differently I feel this...
  2. Grammy211

    January 5, here I come!!

    2 more days; I can't wait!! Saw my OS today and he is on top of things as I can see! Hopefully I will get to come home 2-3 days after surgery (as long as the INR level is good). After surgery I will immediately be put on Lovenox and Coumadin but hopefully be able to stop the Lovenox before...
  3. Grammy211

    Lack of energy

    My RTKR is scheduled for this Thursday and I can't wait to get it done! My pain and limitations seem to grow daily. But along with that I have no energy and am constantly tired. I do pretty well till about noon then zap I feel like a zombie! Today I haven't been in as much pain but my energy is...
  4. Grammy211

    Disappointing News

    Today I had my monthly INR check with my primary doctor. I reminded her that she needs to fax my OS her approval notes for the knee surgery. Basically she went into panic mode because my OS was supposed to contact her regarding how to handle the Coumadin I take and the right protocol for...
  5. Grammy211

    Opinions on ways to ice

    I've read several different posts regarding the best ways for icing after surgery but would like opinions regarding the homemade gel packs and the Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy pacs. Are the Colpacs a lot better than the homemade gel packs? I know I will be using them for quite a while so...
  6. Grammy211

    Letter of approval!

    I received my letter of approval yesterday for the TKR! I was afraid I would be declined since I had just switched insurance companies. Now I can breathe that it's really going to happen! My surgery is Jan. 5 in Boston so the next couple weeks are busy! Time will fly by and then my day will be...
  7. Grammy211

    RTKR scheduled for January 5!

    My second knee replacement is scheduled for Jan. 5! After putting it off for over 2 years I now can't wait to get it over with! I have a new OS, new hospital, and new hope in a much better experience and recovery than the first replacement. Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  8. Grammy211

    Bad knee pain

    I am supposed to have RTKR in January but it's hard for me to wait that long. I have such bad knee pain everyday and am wondering if I can do anything different to help the pain, especially at night. I ice, elevate, and rest as much as possible. I usually feel fairly well till about noon then...
  9. Grammy211

    Recliner for sleep

    @Josephine I was reading a post few days ago where you mentioned about sleeping in a recliner for the first 3-4 months after surgery. There was a couple pictures also but I don't remember where I saw it. I want to save it so I remember after my RTKR in January. I remember with my other surgery...
  10. Grammy211

    Nerve block ?

    I just saw a new OS doctor this morning regarding a second knee replacement. My first one was done over 3 years ago. My new doctor does things quite differently than my previous doctor and for the most part I am happy with that. One big change is that I will not have a morphine drip after...
  11. Grammy211

    TKR 3 years post TKR Help

    Hi, I joined this group 3 years ago when I had my tkr but cannot log into my account. I've tried and tried to reset my password but keep getting an error message so I re-joined with a new account. I hope this doesn't cause any issues but I really wanted to get some help/suggestions/opinions from...
  12. Grammy211

    Extreme pain 5 month post op

    Hi, I recently found this forum and site and am hoping this is the right place to post. I am 1 month post op and have approximately 100-110 degrees flexion in my replacement knee. I can straightened the knee completely. My doctor wanted me at 120 degrees flexion last week which I could not do so...


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