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  1. mamabash

    2015 June Sunbeams - are you having knee surgery in June?

    RTKR on June 1st. Had LTKR in February.
  2. mamabash

    Abnormal EKG

    I have to have a stress test because of an abnormal EKG. I am scheduled for my LTKR Feb. 5th. I hope it won't be postponed. I will probably not have my results until 3 days prior to the surgery date. I hate this.
  3. mamabash

    Had a meeting with the Dr. that arranges after surgery plans

    When I got measured at my pre-op exam, I was 1 inch shorter than I used to be! So I know what you mean. Hoping I am back up to my 5'3" self in no time. Plus, my BMI will be better. ;)
  4. mamabash

    Had a meeting with the Dr. that arranges after surgery plans

    Thank you for your reply. Luckily, we have amazing insurance. Unfortunately, I didn't take advantage of it very much before now. That's why I am nervous about the EKG. It should have been done years ago. The facility I chose was one I am familiar with, not sure if the hospital or surgeon has any...
  5. mamabash

    Had a meeting with the Dr. that arranges after surgery plans

    I had every intention of coming home after being discharged from the hospital, but she highly suggested going to a short term rehab facility for a week or so. Since I am hoping to get my right knee done shortly after my left, she said it would be better. I am bow-legged from the arthritis. She...
  6. mamabash

    Can't shower until staples are removed?

    The appointment that I was given, to have staples removed, was 3 weeks after surgery. Maybe I should question that? Could it be because of my size? Sounds weird, but I have pretty hefty legs.
  7. mamabash

    Can't shower until staples are removed?

    I am scheduled for a LTKR on Feb. 5th. Reading through the info they sent home with me, I discovered that I am not to shower until my staples are removed at 3 weeks. WHAT? That would be horrible! What can I do to keep it dry and clean while I sneak in the shower? I am going to "Joint Camp" on...
  8. mamabash

    Did anyone call their insurance provider before surgery

    Thank you everyone! I haven't checked my post as I didn't get notices that anyone replied. I really appreciate all the responses! I will be calling the insurance company tomorrow so that I can fill out the form I need for "Total Joint Camp" next week. The PA said that they like everyone to call...
  9. mamabash

    Did anyone call their insurance provider before surgery

    to find out what was covered? I had an appointment to sign the papers for surgery today and they gave me a booklet with all the codes for the procedures they are doing so I can call to find out what's covered. I guess I just call the number on the back of the card? I have (obviously) never done...
  10. mamabash

    New Here

    Well, I'll be watching your thread! I am overweight and scheduled for a LTKR Feb. 5th. I'm excited but scared. I have searched a bit on here through the months and have found most overweight patients have positive results. Just hope I am one, too! I want to do well enough that they will give me...
  11. mamabash

    To have right knee replaced 2/3/15.

    I am scheduled for Feb. 5th. My experience was similar to yours when I saw the surgeon a few weeks ago. He did give me a script to start physical therapy, a paper with some exercises to do (to strengthen my muscles before surgery) and a date. While leaving, they did give me 2 more appointments...
  12. mamabash

    OS is finally putting me on his schedule!

    I had been seeing the same OS for several years, as you have. He had been telling me the same as yours "lose weight because the insurance has limits" I lost, getting very close, but he wanted more, when I was almost there, he said I was just too young! I am 51, arthritis was found when I was 32...
  13. mamabash

    TENS unit

    I have been going to PT, preparing for my TKR in February. Before my exercises, they use a TENS unit on my knees for 15 minutes with moist heat. It feels WONDERFUL! They said I could get one for home, but I don't know where to begin. I don't necessarily need the TENS brand. I know there are a...
  14. mamabash

    Getting my family ready

    Oh, they know! My husband is an angel. I do a lot around here, but he sees what I go through and honestly, I'm a bit spoiled. His businesses can't suffer because of my surgery, however. That's why I am trying so hard to help while I can. If it were up to him, he would just spend his days waiting...
  15. mamabash

    Getting my family ready

    I am 51 and scheduled to have a TKR in February. My husband owns 2 small business and we have 2 older boys at home. The boys work full time, plus help their dad with his businesses, I take care of our home. That's MY job. Cooking, cleaning, scheduling, etc. It works perfect for us......until...
  16. mamabash

    2015 February Valentines - Are You Having Knee Surgery In February?

    I am scheduled to have a total knee replacement on my left knee on February 5th.
  17. mamabash

    Well, Wednesday is my appointment a different surgeon

    I am a wreck. My knees are so bad that I find myself in tear most days. The OS that I have been seeing refuses to do surgery because of my BMI (47) and my age (50). He said that if I lose 20 pounds, he would CONSIDER it! In the past year, I have lost a total of 3 pounds. In the past, when trying...
  18. mamabash

    Hi, I'm new......and a bit scared

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments. You are all so kind. I just SO miss doing the little things that I used to take for granted. My mom is 74 and I feel like I am her mother! We can't do shopping trips like we used to and now that she is getting older, she is going to need my help more. I am...
  19. mamabash

    Hi, I'm new......and a bit scared

    My pain was severe at 32, but has had it's ups and downs. I can't take prescription meds or even otc meds for arthritis except Tylenol, because they affect my liver. The past 2 years have been the absolute worst pain and nothing is helping at all anymore. Fortunately, I don't have to get up and...
  20. mamabash

    Hi, I'm new......and a bit scared

    My name is Laurie. I am 50 and was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees at age 32. I live in the Pittsburgh area. I am obese (BMI 47) and in so much pain that I want to cry. I avoid doctors like the plague because the ones I have seen are down right nasty about my weight. Last year, I got up...

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