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    Hello To All My Friends!!

    Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I visited with you all. Sorry for being such a slacker. I wanted to share that all is well here and I have actually forgotten that I have a metal knee. The pain is gone and Im back to my normal self. My buddy Scotty is home but without a knee. He has...
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    Be careful of any signs of infection

    I am posting this most serious note to all of my friends here. I am posting this for everyones benefit as well as encouragement. My friend "Scotty" is 45 years old. He just came out of his 6th knee operation and his second TKR on his left knee. The first TKR needed a revision. He was up and...
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    Range of motion @ 115*

    Would you guys and gals mind sharing your ROM? Im at 115* and the Dr. and PT. said thats where I will be. My good knee is 130* Im happy with that and the pain and discomfort is gone in the TKR knee. Can I get some numbers here from you'all ?? :)
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    Josephine question for you

    A friend recently told me about inversion therapy using a special table that tilts your body on certain angles to help releive pain in the back area. Id be interested in that but do you think it may cause any problems with my knee implant? My Dr said I have stenosis and this therapy allegedly...
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    Two months after TKR

    Hello everyone. Its been a bit over 2 months since my TKR. I must say that the pain and depression was almost unbearable at first. Today I find that the pain has turned to discomfort and the knee itself seems to be doing well. I do have some discomfort in the patella area when I exercise but...


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