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  1. millie4162

    THR Millie's recovery thread

    As promised an update on my surgery and recovery so far I arrived at the hospital on Thursday 25th at 7*30 ready for my surgery. The anethatist was ready and waiting for me. Filled in all the paperwork and had a chat to him them the consultant arrived. He told me both my hips and both my knees...
  2. millie4162

    Revision THR Millie4162 in recovery

    Evening all. Will post a catch tomorrow. Just managed to get home :good-bad::yahoo:
  3. millie4162

    Here we go again

    Gutted to be back in this position but I have to have another revision
  4. millie4162

    Thigh pain

    Hello everybody. I wonder if you could give me some advice ? I had a revision on my hip replacement 6 years ago. I have always had discomfort from it of various degrees. However I have now developed bad thigh pain. I thought it was my knee but am now wondering if it’s in fact my hip. Has...
  5. millie4162

    Revision THR will I ever reach the end of this drama?

    I have been looking and learning from the site for many weeks or even months. So many lovely people sharing and helping each other. I thought i would like to be in on the fun :) Its 6 weeks since i had my shiny new hip and my pelvis rebuilt after a lifetime of problems and surgery. It is in fact...


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