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    THR JJ's recovery thread (14.02.17)

    Hi @JenJuniper , So pleased to see your message! Haven't been on the site for absolutely ages but went for my x-ray and check up today and thought I would catch up with everybody's news. Lo and behold - there you were! I am delighted to hear how well you are getting on. It is my one year...
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    THR Thigh Pain

    Hi, I am so pleased for you that you now have the plan in place. Hope everything goes well and that you are soon on the road to a proper recovery. Thinking of you and wishing you well, Diane
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    THR post hip replacement pain

    Good luck Ian. Hope everything gets sorted out properly. Diane
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    THR Recovery in Labrador

    Hi Jan, Delighted for you that you were able to dance all night! What a result! Sounds like you are having a fab trip so far and even managed a swim! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Diane
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    THR help for my mum!!

    Hi @KLT1200 , Thinking of you and hoping that your mum starts to improve. Like others, I have family members who have reacted very badly to morphine and ended up confused and delirious. Hope you can get satisfaction from your meeting with the doctor. I was advised to take in a recent photo...
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    Hip Infection Infection post THR 1 month

    Hi, Really sorry that you have been so unfortunate to get this infection. Hope they manage to make you more comfortable and that you get it resolved quickly. Thinking of you, Diane
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    THR post hip replacement pain

    Hi @Ian C , From memory, think Peter Kay operates at Wrightington on Mondays and Thursdays. He is in London a lot doing his NHS England job. When is your appt? If you look at the Professor's website, it tells you when he holds his various clinics. Hope all goes well, Diane
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    THR Back Again! <

    Wow @Pip3r ! I am 16 wks out and could not contemplate what you propose to do! Really hope it goes well but do not compromise your recovery. You can do that in years to come but just think about yourself for now!! Take care Diane
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    THR Tedsmum recovery journey

    Hi @Tedsmum , Glad to hear your fab report! You are doing really well for 6 wks. I started swimming again at about 8 or 9 wks and took one crutch from the changing room to the poolside, which gave me more confidence as parts of the floor were quite slippery. Found getting in to the pool by...
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    THR Bizzy Lizzy on the other side

    Hi @BizzyLizzy , Very pleased for you that you have had such a great outcome from your op. I very much appreciated all your comments during your recovery. At that point I knew that I would need to have a THR, but was pretty much in denial and was hoping to extend the time before the op. You...
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    THR Layla's Recovery

    Glad to hear all went smoothly, Layla. Hope you continue to enjoy a good recovery. Take care Diane
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    THR Lancs lass recovery thread<

    Hi @LancsLass, what do you do for a job? I was intrigued that you could be looking at flowers but also climbing over gates! I am often up in your neck of the woods as I have friends in Eccleston and Garstang. Hope you feel better soon, but it has become apparent to me that our rates of recovery...
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    THR Recovery in Labrador

    Go Jan! Great to hear how well you are doing, and thanks for the giggle! Diane x
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    THR Aussie's Posterior LTHR

    Well done @MyAussieGirl ! Glad to hear all is going smoothly in your recovery. It's a great feeling when you are finally released from all restrictions, isn't it? Enjoy! Diane
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    THR Pain flare 3 years after THR

    Hi Jenny, Hope all has gone smoothly and that you will soon start feeling better. Thinking of you, Diane
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    THR Lancs lass recovery thread<

    Well done you! I've gone in the opposite direction - put on about 6 lb on holiday, so diet is beckoning after the weekend, unfortunately. Hope the pain subsides soon, Best wishes Diane
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    THR Delphi's Recovery - Surgery 23/2

    Lucky you! I have never been, because we are normally away those weeks, but would love to go. Maybe next year! Yes, I would definitely take a cushion - you need to be comfortable sitting for that length of time. I am off into town to meet a friend for a tapas lunch. Enjoy your walk! Diane xxx
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    THR Delphi's Recovery - Surgery 23/2

    Hi Peter @PS46, Hope you have a great trip to Wimbledon, and that the sun comes out again for you! Hi Sam, @sammylou99 , how did you find the Physio you go to? Was she recommended by your hospital? As you say , important to find someone who is experienced with hip replacements, Diane x
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    THR post hip replacement pain

    Glad to hear you got your appointment Ian. Let us know how you get on, Best wishes Diane
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    THR I wanna sleep!<

    I was told 6 wks if you feel comfortable enough ( also posterior). I was a real scaredy cat though, and worried about dislocation, so I left it til about 8 or 9 wks! The first few times I could only do about 20 minutes, but the feeling of relief was amazing! Can't you stack soft pillows into a...


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