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  1. elliott52

    TKR Elliott52's Recovery Thread

    Surgery was done with no problems. I had a spinal with pro-phenol. Limited pain, just a dull ache. After all feeling came back, I kept waiting for the really bad pain. I was given a regiment of pain killer, but no major pain. At bedtime I was given dilauda just to circumvent any nighttime...
  2. elliott52

    Two more days

    Getting anxious and trying to stay as busy as I can. Cleaned house, with sweet hubby’s help, packed overnight bag, hair cut tomorrow, and on Wednesday pre-op, then video. So Thursday is my day. I just want my life back to normal.
  3. elliott52

    Ready and Waiting

    I’m scheduled for LTKR on June 20th. I have degenerative bone disease (OA) with bone on bone. I’m getting a block with twilight. I am very anxious about the recovery process and not so much about the actual surgery. I just want to be pain free and enjoy a normal life again. A couple of questions...


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