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    ITBS exercises

    Since both hip replacements have left me with LLD, I am experiencing ITBS in both knees.... Does anyone have any solutions or exercises that has been successful to this condition? Thanks!
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    pain meds = terrible nausea

    Well, I hate to admit I am coming back on the forum.....I had a THR, TKR, and now April 12th, I will have the other hip replaced :-( BUT my main concern from the other replacement is the narcotics that they give me gives me EXTREME nausea and makes me vomit, have sweats, weakness, etc. Has...
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    Now the lower back pain!!

    I had never thought of a connection until I heard another lady in PT say she was having this problem also. I have had lumbar problems and had it pretty well controlled by injections, but since I had the spinal for my TKR, it has been giving me fits. Could the spinal have something to do with...
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    What pain meds can you tolerate?

    I am headed for back surgery and then double knee replacements....and I recently had a total hip replacement...but oh my gosh, I vomited my guts out from pain meds....tylenol seemed to be the only thing I could tolerate. Being that sick is worse than the pain was. Anyone else have such a...
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    I'm back AGAIN!!!

    Hi you all~~ I haven't visited this site very often but am back again with another problem directly caused by my LLD following my THR....and am not a happy camper. I had my THR in February....left with an inch LLD...doing the shoe IT Band Syndrome...did months of PT........well...
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    Anyone had ITBS?

    I had my THR in February and it left me with an inch longer leg....well now, I have been told by a specialist that I have developed Iliotibial Band Syndrome from possibly all of that lop-sided walking for so long. I had the limping long before the THR, which the OS would be relieved by giving...
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    Taken Legal Steps?

    Just wondering if any of you have taken any legal steps against your OS for extreme Leg Length Discrepancy? (over 3/4") Although I am wearing shoe build-ups, now both my knees and back are hurting terribly. He does admit that "perhaps" he should have taken off more bone.
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    How many of you have a leg length discrepancy following THR?

    Hi you all~~ I was many of you have had a leg length discrepancy after you had a THR....and how much....what has been done and how are you coping with it? All my surgeon can say is "I'm sorry"~~ My leg is now 1" too long...and I am trying to get used to the god-awful, ugly...
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    Qualifications for BTKR??

    Okay all of you wise people. What are the qualifications for having both of your knees done at the same time? When I mentioned this to my OS because they both need to go....he would not even consider doing that. Sure would save having to go through it twice...and after this THR, I am not...
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    I need some info on therapy~

    Hi all you fellow THRers...I hope today is a good one for you all. I am needing some info about PT treatments. I know what E-Stim is...those little patches with electric impulses....but what is A-Stim? I know there is kind of therapy, but what is the difference? This is what a friend of...
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    Hi everyone.....what a great glad I found it....only wish I had found it BEFORE my THR, it sure would have helped answer questions. Have any of you been bothered by sciatica since your surgery? It just "looms" there and one wrong move and ZAP, down my butt and leg. If you have...
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    Leg Lenght Discrepancy

    I am 6 weeks out from my THR and I am not happy with the results. My surgery went fine, but now I am left with a leg that is 2.54 cm too long. I now have to wear those terribly ugly built-up shoes. The surgeon said that is the first time anything like this has happened and he is terribly...


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