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  1. FraidyCat

    THR Knee pain 1½ years after THR

    Hi, all. I've not been on this site since around the time of my R THR in late October of 2016. Everything seemed to be going well postop -- and perhaps it still is. However, over just the last week I've had a new problem, and after doing some online research I have the unsettling suspicion that...
  2. FraidyCat

    THR I actually went through with it!

    Hello from "the other side." I had the surgery on Friday and returned home from hospital yesterday. Surgeon said hip cartilage was almost completely degenerated, so guess I made the right call. My mobility is good for early on: able to walk up and down stairs several times/day w/no problem...
  3. FraidyCat

    13 hours to go ...

    Time for chickening out is dwindling. Looks like I may go through with it this time. If the THR relieves some of my lower-back discomfort so that I can walk for more than 10 minutes at a time without pain, it will have been worth it. If it doesn't, I'll be disappointed. No one seems to know how...
  4. FraidyCat

    Is aspirin really adequate for blood-clot prevention?

    I was told that the drug agent of choice for blood-clot prevention at the hospital where I'm scheduled for THR on Friday is aspirin. I thought this odd the first time I heard it, as I'd attended hip "classes" at two other hospitals over the last few years and they both used other drugs for DVT...
  5. FraidyCat

    Notification of replies not received

    I didn't receive notifications of replies to my post for weeks; the thread is entitled "Continue to be plagued by doubts." I have "Watch Thread" selected for the thread and am wondering why the notification system failed.
  6. FraidyCat

    Squatting: never, after THR?

    Rheumatologist told me squatting would be the number-one position that I'd be told to avoid post-THR. She made it sound as though this would be prohibited indefinitely. How would you get hundreds of mundane tasks done without this movement in your repertoire? Or retrieve something that rolled...
  7. FraidyCat

    Continue to be plagued by doubt

    Only a month away from scheduled THR. But have had some very demotivating conversations with people in my life over the last few days. Each has suggested that by having THR at this time I'm merely being "proactive" since I do not suffer from constant, acute, disabling pain in the hip. My...
  8. FraidyCat

    Preop exercises: important or not?

    A couple of people have mentioned to me lately that they believe this or that friend or relative had a quick(er) recovery due to having done certain exercises for the hip pre-THR. Such a recommendation hasn't been made, however, in either of the hip classes (at two different facilities that I...
  9. FraidyCat

    How close, prior to THR, can dental cleaning "safely" be done?

    There is so much contradictory information about this, similar to the wildly contradictory information, at least in the U.S., about whether premedication for routine dental cleanings is "needed" after THR. But this question concerns cleaning PRIOR to THR. I contacted the surgeon's nurse, who...
  10. FraidyCat

    Bone-on-bone, but hip pain still sporadic

    I'm having a hellishly hard time mustering the resolve needed to go through with THR, just rescheduled for end of October following a cancellation due to surgeon's hospitalization. It doesn't help that my hip pain tends to be only periodic, though last winter I had a few intervals when the pain...
  11. FraidyCat

    A "hip class" I could have done without

    Attended the "hip class" at the joint-replacement hospital this evening and ended up regretting it, as it stirred up existing concerns and raised new ones. There doesn't seem to be much concern, on the part of the hospital (a top-rated facility in the region where I live), in presenting balanced...
  12. FraidyCat

    Cystoscopy just one month before THR OK?

    My primary care dr and a urologist are recommending cystoscopy to investigate blood in urine (microscopic). I couldn't get this scheduled sooner than only a month before THR (I've not posted the THR date yet as I'm still feeling very much on the fence). Does this seem like a long-enough interval...
  13. FraidyCat

    Can untreated arthritic hip "fracture"?

    I saw the ortho surgeon's (OS) practice assistant (PA) on Friday because the OS has become unavailable for appointments for the next several months (no reason given). Predictably, she gave input that contradicted what I've understood to be the case based on my conversations with the OS himself...
  14. FraidyCat

    "Lifetime" antibiotics for dental work? (Part 2)

    I got useful input from @Josephine and others when I posted on a similar thread a few weeks ago. You might have thought (hoped) I'd have put this concern to rest by now ... but peace of mind is eluding me and is the Number One reason why I'm still lagging re: scheduling THR, which at this point...
  15. FraidyCat

    Wondering about the fate of postop gait

    I'd been using the prospect of regaining a normal gait as motivation for scheduling THR, as I do not have constant, severe pain, despite having been bone-on-bone for years, to impel me forward. My gait, on the other hand, has worsened; not only do I have a limp but my foot has a slight...
  16. FraidyCat

    MRSA worry

    I'm trying to psych myself up for hip replacement in early fall, as my bone-on-bone hip pain has worsened and my gait and low back now seem to be more affected. Meanwhile, an old friend is planning to visit, a month or at most two before the likely surgery. He acquired MRSA on one of his many...
  17. FraidyCat

    So-called preventive use of antibiotics after hip replacement

    Hi folks; I am back, after an approximately two-year hiatus that began when I cancelled my scheduled hip replacement in the spring of 2014. The main reason I chickened out was the emphatic mandate the surgeon and my dentist were both giving, that being that antibiotics would be required for my...
  18. FraidyCat

    Can someone "talk me off the ledge"?

    My THR is scheduled for exactly three weeks from today. I was actually starting to build up a little enthusiasm (in a low-key way) for getting the hip fixed and, hopefully, seeing some improvement in low-back and knee issues that may be at least partially due to bad hip biomechanics. Then I...
  19. FraidyCat

    Are low-back and knee issues likely to improve after THR?

    I'm one of those who has advanced OA on my x-rays (bone-on-bone) but a tolerable pain level in the hip itself. I seldom even need to use an NSAID. I could probably go on like this indefinitely if the pain remained more or less the same. What's been concerning to me is that, within the last eight...
  20. FraidyCat

    Post-THR, antibiotics for life, for just about everything?

    I see this was discussed in an older thread, but I don't believe it's active any longer, whereas I am active in my worrying, so would like some fresh input if possible. The mandate of many surgeons that antibiotics (ATX) must be taken for life, for any invasive procedure, even one as innocuous...


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