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    TKR Six months post TKR

    Dawn I am also at 5 months and I still have pain and stiffness. I think some of us take longer than others and I am hoping at a year, we will feel much better! At least that is what my PT told me. She said that by a year everyone’s recovery evens out.
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    TKR Can’t get comfortable

    I think it is normal. The first few days are tough, I couldn’t lift my leg at all.
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    TKR New knee for me

    I have found have found that the Dansko running shoes have a lot of cushioning and support.
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    TKR Very long recovery

    Whoops! Strengthening
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    TKR Very long recovery

    Thank you! I am going to look for those classes. I do think everything needs strengthenping.
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    TKR Very long recovery

    Hi, I had a TKR on Jan.10th so I am at 19 weeks with my new knee. The doctor straightened my bowed leg and had to add some extra spacers.The surgery did take longer than expected. I am at about 110 flexion and 0 extension. I am much better but I still have quite a bit of pain from both my knee...
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    TKR 4 months and struggling

    I had a total knee replacement on January 10th and I am still having quite a bit of pain. My knee feels very tight and has weird burning sensations sometimes. I think the burning is nerve pain. My ROM exercises are quite painful and I still walk part of the time with a cane. My leg was bowed...

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