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    Hip Arthroscopy CD recovery pain time

    Good luck Hudge! Keep us posted.
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    THR Is hardness behind incision normal ? Thr 8/18 anterior

    This recovery is all about what feels "right" for you. I was on walker longer than most but in order to have a small fracture heal after my initial replacement I did what I had to do to avoid another surgery. I really wanted to be walking freely for a wedding in May of last year but I still...
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    THR I am the Storm

    Great news on your pup! We need them by our side to help in recovery. No harm in you taking a couple of days to rest up after the ordeal, listen to that body!
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    THR Solar7's LTHR Recovery Thread

    Be your own advocate! Do not let PT or anyone tell you what you should be doing or how far along you should be in recovery, this is your personal journey. Stay true to it.
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    THR Questions about Log Leg

    Hippie chick, Just be sure to have a good supportive shoe, there are many orthotic type shoes on the market, my suggestion would be to go to a high quality footwear store where they measure your feet and fit you properly. I've purchased online only to have to return because they were too stiff...
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    THR Hippie Chick’s Recovery Journey

    After I broke my ankle 4 years ago we installed walk in shower with lovely glass doors, seat, grab bars, worth every penny. Everyone was saying folks want a tub if you are selling, no tub in my house, if and when we sell they can go get themselves a tub, I'm not designing my house for the next...
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    THR 8 weeks from THR

    Well sponge, belated Happy Birthday. And no one knows when you will be pain free and I think you trying to exercise the pain away is not the way to go but it's your hip and if that's what you think will help then go for it. You've been given great advice over these months and you still seem to...
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    THR Pain one year after, sigh

    Dear Hipbut square, You are learning to listen to your body it's not an easy task to be patient when all we want is to get back to our lives before hip replacement. I had different "milestones" along the way where I felt I was "back" but I was only half way back possibly. But now, 19 months...
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    THR Solar7's LTHR Recovery Thread

    My knee hurt more than my hip, agree with others comments about how they manipulate your leg to get implant in. Hope you get to go home.
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    THR Hip recovery

    You may have joined ODIC! We have all been members so you are in good company. Rest!
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    THR Sporadic Hip Pain

    I think waking 3-4 miles a day after only 4 months is amazing! If you have done any reading here you have come to learn most of us need close to a year to recover from this very intrusive surgery. Doesn't mean you can't do physical activities just means maybe skip a day here or there and rest...
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    THR Opposite side!

    Dear Hip4Life, I so agree with your point about surgeons providing a more realistic expectation in recovery. I didn't have the luxury of planning my THR but I remember my first meeting with PT day after surgery and them telling me "whatever you were doing 30 days ago, you will be able to do in...
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    THR Questions about Log Leg

    I doubt you did any serious damage, if you had fallen maybe then you would have cause to worry. But you do need to rest and ice as much as possible. Your family needs to remember how may years you cared for them when they were either sick or injured. I know it's not easy on the caretakers...
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    THR Roseanne in recovery

    Along with heel/toe walking be sure you have either new or good fitting shoes.
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    THR Had my 2nd hip put in yesterday.

    Congrats on Hip #2, you got this, you had one done and while no two are the same you understand the recovery process that now lies in front of you. I wish you the very best during your recovery time.
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    THR Opposite side!

    I felt the same when I found this board after my hip replacement. Go easy on yourself, it's a bit of a journey but you will get there, right now what you are doing is enough. Use bathroom, grab a snack, wash up then back to ice and relax. I wish you well.
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    THR Opposite side!

    Welcome! Ice and rest, you had knees done so you should be an expert at joint replacements! We've all had hip surgery so if you have questions or concerns ask away, someone I'm sure can help.
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    THR Made it to the other side

    It's always helpful to all of us to hear others recovery and experiences. So keep posting if you have time and happy your mood has improved as well as your ability to move around.
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    THR Questions about Log Leg

    Clairebella, Extra strength Tylenol is acetaminophen. It's not considered an opiod. You can buy OTC. Extra strength is 500 mg. per tablet, you take 2 which is 1,000 mg.
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    THR Questions about Log Leg

    I always love the stories of folks who had hips replaced and ran Boston Marathon 2 weeks later. I'm not saying these stories aren't true but I think most are fictional. I was off pain meds soon, maybe after first week, they made me nauseous. Extra Strength Tylenol seemed to work well and the...

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