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  1. Jennszoo

    Questions about having 2nd TKR after 1st

    I scheduled mine at the same time, 10 weeks apart. So I knew my second surgery was looming the day of the first. I could have gone as soon as 6w but I pushed it back a month bc if a trip I had planned. I'm glad I did, bc my first knee was way more involved and I had a harder than usual...
  2. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    I'm not working for a specific time/race, just trying to get back to comfortably walking 2-3 miles. The machine was more of a "let's see what I can do" and I was shocked at how one leg worked and the other didn't. I'm mostly focusing on walking,bicycling and swimming because I much prefer...
  3. Jennszoo

    TKR The Knees and Me - staged

    You will walk pain free again. It's just around the corner!
  4. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    Hey all. Just popping in w some updates. I climbed a mountain on Weds! It's our local "mountain", 1.5 miles up and down via the road. (@becticu prob knows it). I made it halfway up and back down. My knees did great. My cardio? That's another story. I'm afraid my fellow walkers were...
  5. Jennszoo

    First Knee Replacement

    I was barely able to take care of myself at 5 days. I couldn't stand long enough to prep a simple meal or even take a shower without requiring lots and lots of Rest - before, during and after. You might be up for managing the chaos with others providing hands on care by 2w, as that was when...
  6. Jennszoo

    Lots of questions

    Another TKR patient in her 40s chiming in. Get er done.
  7. Jennszoo

    Knee Infection Artificial knee, hip and a possible amputation required :-(

    I am not a medical professional, but while I don't think he should swim in lake water, it seems perfectly ok for him to visit the lake. I am drawn to water. It's my happy place and breathes life into me. If that's the case for him, let him have that.
  8. Jennszoo

    TKR on 40 yrs old mama

    I'm one of the few Bone Smarties that has young, er...needy kids at home. You're gonna need help. My kids are great gophers, but you're going to need to nap, go to PT (maybe) and appts while not being able to drive. Id say it was a good month before I could manage kids alone. My hubs had to...
  9. Jennszoo

    TKR How long do most people wait before doing the second knee.

    I did mine 10w apart for various reasons. I wanted one long leave of absence from work, the second knee was "free" after hitting my oop max, plus I had a trip planned at week 9 that prevented me from going them done sooner together. My surgeon originally offered me a date 6w apart and I'm...
  10. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    Continuing what I'm calling my Phase 2 Rehab: Strength. I rode my bike outside last night. What a difference from the flatness of FL a couple weeks ago. Even what I thought was a nice, flat, easy, paved trail around a park had so many little hills that were darn near impossible with my...
  11. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    Next day update - the knees were fine all day yesterday. Maybe just a bit sore. The end of the day, I rode to a friends house - about a 40 min drive. Knowing I had tired legs, and had just been sitting for a long time, I mentally braced myself for pain getting out of the car...nothing...
  12. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    Oops, can you put my name back in front? Jennszoo Staged TKR: Working on running again. Thanks!
  13. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    The knees had their first race today! Been training and getting just under a 22min mile, bc of lingering weakness. But my 11yo was so bothered by how slow I was and kept fussing at me to hurry up. Well would you look at that pace!?! Racing, slowly, run/walking was a big part of my life...
  14. Jennszoo

    TKR Trying to stay positive

    As I was reading your post, I was kneading the outer edge of my calf in an effort to loosen up the it band and muscles and get more bend. Those areas are tricky.
  15. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    So what's the BS way for building up strength? I'm not able to pay $60/visit for PT but I have significant lingering weakness in my left. I'm walking, going to add regular biking and swimming soon. But I'd like to start building backup now that I'm 5 & 3 months out. Or at the very least, get...
  16. Jennszoo

    Revision TKR Need Revision specialist in Atlanta area

    I had to take zofran a few days to help w the nausea.
  17. Jennszoo

    Home the same day?

    When I asked about the outpatient thing, I was told my surgeon preselects the candidates best suited to recover at home (about 30%) and they've never had anyone from that group not go home or have complications that require an admission.
  18. Jennszoo

    PKR My Second PKR

    Great update!
  19. Jennszoo

    Home the same day?

    I went home same day for both my TKRs. Surgery at 7:30, I was leaving around 1:30-2. It was scary, but I did well. And I appreciated not having to ask permission to get up, medicate, sleep, elevate, etc.
  20. Jennszoo

    TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

    You know, yall are right. Tonight I'm not nearly as tired. Less sun and we mostly explored via car. Tomorrow back to the sand for some beach time, but it's our last day here so I gotta soak it up.

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