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    THR I am the Storm

    A Dr Uvenfthurth (spelling?) in Columbus did his surgery. modular Stem
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    THR I am the Storm

    Reading though your post brought back to mind my uncle, who also had a fused spine and hip replacement, who also had multiple dislocations. it turned out that his spine was fused in such a way, that when he got up from most chairs, his hips had to pick up the mobility, and at times the angle was...
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    THR Bmi cutoff

    I was first diagnosed with end stage hip OA in late 2017 and told that not only to stop my running and heavy weightlifting, but also that those activities are not for those who have a hip replacement( I have since learned the may not really be the case). I tried other activities, and nothing...
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    THR post op rehab less important?

    Insurance, be it public, private, or a hybrid of both, will only compensate the providers if their treatment is evidenced based. Yes, it is a sort of ”cost cutting measure“, but why pay out for treatment that at best does little to help the patient, and at worse harms him or her, and is a...

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