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  1. turtle68

    Revision TKR Never give up, keep trying, don't settle - that's me, Bonnie

    Oh Bonnie I am so sorry this's is happening to you again. I had my revision two months ago where my Rom was down to 100, but rom and extension so far are good. Are you going back to the same surgeon who did this last revision. I will be thinking of you Dorothy
  2. turtle68

    Revision TKR Turtle's Revision scheduled for July 19, 2016

    @Dabber. So good to hear from you. Your holiday in France sounds wonderful. Today is 2 weeks from my surgery. It has been much easier than the 1st recovery with very little pain. I had my 1st pt today and was very pleased. My extension was -0 and ROM 110 without any pushing at all. Now If can...
  3. turtle68

    Revision TKR Turtle's Revision scheduled for July 19, 2016

    @north girl @Pumpkln I had the surgery Tuesday and all went well. It has much easier than my original TKR. I woke up in recovery and felt very good. The doctor said that my tibia component was very loose and there were some bone fragments which he cleaned. I had great care. Never had to ask...
  4. turtle68

    Revision TKR Im baaackkk time for a TKR revision

    Welcome to the revision club. Your experience sounds similar to mine. After 3½ years of struggling with my TKR I'm having a revision. Original and next OS couldn't see anything from X-ray so had a 3 phase nuclear bone scan and it showed loosening. Good luck with your revision and I'll talk to...
  5. turtle68

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Hope it's a better day today. Sounds like you may have joined the ODIC yesterday. Dorothy
  6. turtle68

    Revision TKR Turtle's Revision scheduled for July 19, 2016

    Thank you all for your good wishes. Dorothy
  7. turtle68

    Revision TKR Turtle's Revision scheduled for July 19, 2016

    @RunA42K well the revision TKR is next Tuesday and I keep you and all your positive messages in mind as I go forward. I am having it at Memorial Hermann, Memorial City. I decided not to go further with your OS because of other medical problems and all my Drs since we moved are there. After...
  8. turtle68

    MUA Need advice in Michigan

    I would definitely look for a revision specialist at a large hospital. Your situation sounds similar to mine. After 3-1/2 years of my TKR never being quite right, I am having a revision on Tuesday. What my PCP told was it would only get worse and it has, so IMO I would advise sooner rather than...
  9. turtle68

    LTKR scheduled for 7/14/16

    Wishing all the best with your surgery. I will be following you 5 days later.
  10. turtle68 they sent me to "class"

    Went to knee class today and I learned so much. They explained everything thoroughly, I met several nurses. Then I did my registration, blood work, and the anesthesiologist. Very exciting news for me. I thought I would have to have GA because of lumbar fusion, but he said he most likely would...
  11. turtle68 they sent me to "class"

    I go to class at hospital tomorrow, then stay for my pre op at hospital, I.e. Blood work, meet some of the nurses, and of course sign my knee away. Looking forward to it as I did not have any of this and had no idea what I was getting into before my original TKR. Dorothy Only 9 more days...
  12. turtle68

    Pre-registration - pre-op class

    @newlybionic. Thank you for your kind comments. Following your recovery has been a great inspiration to me. Dorothy
  13. turtle68

    Pre-registration - pre-op class

    Although not a Diane, I will be right there with you. Only 12 more days, and I will be having my revision TKR. I'm terribly anxious about it but will be so happy to be on the other side again.. The pain I have now is much worse than I had before the original TKR so I'm really looking forward to...
  14. turtle68

    LTKR scheduled for 7/14/16

    My Revision TKR is scheduled for July 19 so I guess I'm only 19 days out. My OS says 1-2 days in hospital then I will go home withy hydro one. This worked fine for my original. I will get more refinement in my pre-op visit to PA and hospital, where I will meet nurses and anesthesiologist. I...
  15. turtle68

    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    Haven't heard from you for awhile. Hope you're doing okay.
  16. turtle68

    How did you guys ice?

    I bought to 10x12 Cyromax 10 hour gel mats at Walmart. They stay cold for a long time. I'm going to buy another set before my revision surgery. If you google Cyromax they come in different sizes. Dorothy
  17. turtle68

    LTKR scheduled for 7/14/16

    Great news. I'm following you with a revision on July 19. So glad you're able to get that custom knee.
  18. turtle68

    TKR Now I have a matching pair of titanium knees

    Glad to hear you're doing so well and hope the calf pain straightens out soon. And, yes, we who have supportive partners are very fortunate. Your knee looks really good. Your dog is adorable Take care. Dorothy
  19. turtle68

    LTKR scheduled for 7/14/16

    My revision RTKR is scheduled for July 19 so just a few days after yours. Never dreamed I'd be going through this 3-1/2 years later but I'm thinking good thoughts and so glad I know about Bonesmart before surgery. Dorothy
  20. turtle68

    2016 July Sparklers - Are you having knee surgery in July?

    Do I need to start a new thread in pre-op?

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