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    TKR Peroneal nerve issue after TKR?

    I am 10 weeks post L knee TKR and have symptoms that make me wonder if I have injury to the peroneal nerve. I too had alot of discomfort at the fibular head. Especially walking. Initially I was thinking IT band and maybe its still it. However now I have very little to no pain walking or...
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    TKR MSuki Recovery Thread - Sleep Issues, Muscle cramping, Walking

    You are not alone with these sleeping issues. I had my L knee TKR Jan 4. I have sleep apnea, I am a side sleeper who now had to transition to being a back sleeper because that was the only way I could be without significant pain. I was getting an average of maybe 3 hrs of sleep per night. Then...
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    I hope your pain is improving now. I am walking with less pain now and no “catching” on IT band. My surgeon had PT start me on side stretches. Like hamstring stretches but pull straightened knee across other leg to stretch my lateral left knee. Seems to have helped me. You might try that if you...
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    Back is gradually getting better but I am having continued lateral knee pain walking. I think its the IT band. Again I know its early but there has been no improvement x 1 week. I maybe go 1/3 mile at most and it hurts as I am completing my step with my left leg and bending it to step forward...
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    Will do, thanks. No back spasms today just generalized mild lower back pain that is worse in certain positions when getting up. Having my “2 1/2 week” post surgery visit to the OS tomorrow. Will talk to him about it too. Thanks all for your advice and ideas.
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    Sure… surgery date 1/4/2022, Left total knee replacement
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    After a rough night, I woke with a lot of back tightness and moderate pain when getting up from lying position. I thought maybe I’ve been too aggressive with walking. I had been walking 1/2 mile without aides x 2 days. I did this because PT at hospital told me to do as much as I could tolerate...
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    TKR Back spasms post TKR

    Hello, I am new to this forum and after reading a few posts, this really is a wonderful place. Great support and valuable information. To my post: I am lying here two weeks post L knee TKR with back pain and spasms when getting up and moving around. I have had what I thought was a really good...

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