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  1. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Hi BEG; Been following along. So glad that your "new" OS is kind and compassionate. You deserve it and all good things after the things you have been through. We had the same issue with my dad re; Assisted Living. He was very against it, had just had open heart surgery and was living with us...
  2. PhoenixS

    TKR Really swollen

    Agreed. Your knee is driving the bus. You must let it lead the way. I learned (the hard way) that this is truth. Just back off and you will see success, just not on your timetable...:) Best, Sandy
  3. PhoenixS

    TKR My 2 Year Anniversary

    Hi Rose, I have been following this with dismay, as I also have seen (and felt) the indifference of Neurosurgeons to back pain. While weight wasn't the major issue for me, the guy I saw waved his hand in a dismissive way and said I was not a candidate for surgery. I do have to say I was not...
  4. PhoenixS

    MUA little guy is recovering slowly

    Hi and welcome to Bonesmart. If you haven't fully read Jo's post, then please go back and take it all in. It is alot of information and it is all true! There are many folks here in your shoes so you are in good company. You will gain much insight and knowledge from reading as many posts as you...
  5. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Hi BEG, I'm so sorry that you are feeling down. This is part of the roller coaster recovery from a knee replacement. You have a great deal of company in the "small percentage" group. There are quite a few of us here who have had "challenging" recoveries. Many of us post here to vent so please do...
  6. PhoenixS

    Revision TKR Story of My Knees by RestAssured: Pt 3

    You look beautiful! Congratulations on the changing of the T-shirts! Rock on! Sandy
  7. PhoenixS

    looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hello Pureenergy, and welcome to our community. You will find a ton of information in the articles posted by Jo. There is also much support and advice in this forum. ***Promise*** us that you will refuse to let the PT (or anyone else) do any "stretching". Just tell her to note in your chart...
  8. PhoenixS

    TKR Really swollen

    Congrats on the stairs and the bike. Both of those are a BIG deal! Glad to see you moving forward. This is a very slow recovery, and I agree, for the birds... You are doing great!
  9. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Oh, and by the way, you late hubby is darn right. You have alot of living to do. Follow his advice lady!
  10. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Oh BEG! I am so sad for you! I now that you are new to your area, but you would defiately benefit from Grief Counselling. Just like recovery from a TKR, grief is also a long healing curve. Just talking it out will help you feel better. You have had such turmoil in a very short period of time...
  11. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Hi BEG, I am thrilled that you will be seeing the grief Therapist. This surgery messes with your head. You have the extra burden of being recently widowed. Therapy for you is a good thing. Your present OS is a jerk. Dump him as fast as you can. You will need to give them a signed note to release...
  12. PhoenixS

    TKR Clickity Clack-My Knee Talks Back

    I called the noise accompanied by sharp pain "Snappy". It defied diagnosis, and it still pops over the base of my femur, only now, 1 year post-revision, it isn't as painful. My other, non-TKR knee is now crunching when I bend it. I guess I just have noisy knees! I thin that the plastic/metal...
  13. PhoenixS

    TKR 2 year old TKR discomfort

    Hi Goodasnew! Welcome back to Bonesmart. I'm glad that you have resumed your life and are doing well. I'll bet that you probably pulled something that didn't want to be pulled. I'd give it a bit of time and add ice/elevate if it is swollen. A nice massage may help. I don't massage my knee's achy...
  14. PhoenixS

    TKR Finally recovering

    I think the reason we were all right is because we did what you did, and the "then" Bonsmarties told us to slow it down. Just passing the info along! I'm glad that you plan to take some time for your knee. I like Dawn's saying "Knee-cation"!! Ice, elevate, pain management. Be nice to your knee...
  15. PhoenixS

    TKR Need Help and Encouragement, please...

    Please do not let this man do anything else to you. There is no "small window of opportunity" You are still very very soon post-op! He will not be able to bend your knee any more than you can if it as swollen as you say. You need pain control, and you need to quiet the swelling. This means...
  16. PhoenixS

    TKR Straight leg after TKR July 2012

    Hi Peg, I agree with Judy (Bottomshollow). ROM can be gained even years after a TKR. As for the bike, just rock it back and forth. I used to massage my knee as I rocked it. Is your pain adequately controlled? Is the knee swollen? All of that can affect ROM. Keep woring on it and it will come...
  17. PhoenixS

    TKR Looking for reassurance - or company for my misery...

    Hi Sue! I thought I'd be smart and say something in French, but after 5 years of French, the only thing I can really do is say swears, which aren't permitted here in any language.:) Anyway, I just finished reading your posts and your recovery sounds familiar. This is a very long process, and for...
  18. PhoenixS

    TKR 4 months in and still pain

    Hi Puff, and welcome to our community! You will find lots of encouragement and valuable info here as well as support. I'm tending to agree with Jo. Maybe the implant is too big and the hamstrings are struggling to contract over it. I also have pain behind the knee, and I am known to have a...
  19. PhoenixS

    TKR misskitty's new knee

    I'll tag Jo for you Josephine. You sound like you are doing better. Just stay comfortable and keep your knee up and on ice! We are here if you need us!
  20. PhoenixS

    TKR Debbie1954

    Hi Debbie. The country is upside down at the moment. I'm in the Northeast and we are having the Southwest weather.. Which RV park are you at? We bought a 32 ft. Class C last fall and have only used it a few times. I'm interested in the book you mentioned about highway exits. We are going to FL...

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