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  1. gia2cats

    TKR Recovery #2

    I had the rt knee done first and our ortho was strict about not driving for 6 weeks. He said studies were showing that reaction time from surgery was delayed until that point. However, I did drive myself to a nail appt at 5 weeks but it was only 2 miles away. I then drove longer distances at...
  2. gia2cats

    TKR Recovery #2

    I remember an incident from my first knee recovery that really stood out in my mind. I was 9 weeks post op and went to Ulta ( I had my priorities). As I was looking at the products, I realized that I was pivoting and turning and for the first time, I forgot about my knee. No pain. It was a...
  3. gia2cats

    TKR 9 years after R-TKR issues

    I am so sorry to hear about the issues you are having and have no real answers for you. However, I also had to inject Lovenox after both TKR’s( bleeding ulcer and cant take aspirin) and it was a 30 day course each time. I was very active after my surgeries, starting outpatient PT 4 days post op...
  4. gia2cats

    TKR Recovery #2

    Checking in on you, Beachy. Lifting that leg WILL happen, in its own time. I know it feels like forever since the surgery but it’s just a few weeks. You’re doing great. Good luck to your husband on Monday and let your son take over. He sounds like a really great guy.
  5. gia2cats

    TKR Recovery #2

    Well, I meant decrease instead of increase. My bad.. My first hospital experience was OK. I stayed overnight and they were a little slow during the night with my pain med. For the second surgery they were only doing patients who agreed to be same day discharge. Surgery was 10:30 am and I was in...
  6. gia2cats

    TKR Recovery #2

    Just got on to check on how you’re doing, Beachy. Sounds like another successful recovery. I found with the second knee, I was a little more laid back in my recovery. Kind of like, been there, done that. You know what to expect. And thank goodness for orthos who aren’t stingy with pain meds. I...
  7. gia2cats

    TKR My mother had a total knee replacement and I need advice

    Before your mom was discharged, she should have been seen by PT to be sure could manage at home. I had to walk steps and demonstrate that I could get in to the car. If you weren’t there during her discharge your dad will probably know. Also she should have been given very precise written...
  8. gia2cats

    TKR I'm ready

    Good to hear, Beachy. Seriously considering a visit to Dr. McK to ask about that. Exercises do help but I’d like a little more pain relief. When I fractured my pelvis in August, the CT scan showed hip arthritis. Just great!
  9. gia2cats

    TKR I'm ready

    Hi Beachy, So happy that you have settled on a date for your knee. You’re a pro since it’s the second knee. I’ve been watching this board to see if you rescheduled. Quick question about your hip bursitis. I was diagnosed with this before my first knee and PT helped. This time not doing much...
  10. gia2cats

    TKR Getting into my house after surgery

    Please don’t worry about those 3 steps. I spent one night in the hospital with my first knee and my second knee was outpatient. Both times, I demonstrated to PT that I could walk up and down the several steps needed to get in to my house. And I was full weight bearing on the surgical knee...
  11. gia2cats

    TKR Hello, I'm back

    Keep up up to date, Beachy. Be careful with that concussion
  12. gia2cats

    TKR Hello from across the pond

    My first TKR was an overnight stay but the second was done as an outpatient. My surgery was at 10:30am and I was in the car coming home at 3pm.The Recovery room had some of the equipment from PT such as a set of steps and the partial “car” so I could demonstrate my ability to walk steps and get...
  13. gia2cats

    TKR JASPA 2nd recovery

    I agree with @Starsfan22. Had my second TKR as an outpatient. Went very well and was happy to be in my own home the evening of surgery.
  14. gia2cats

    TKR Gardeningal2003 Recovery Thread

    Were you able to stay overnight or did you come home the same day? Good to hear how well you are doing.
  15. gia2cats

    TKR Change in Plan - Need Advice, Please!

    I had my one year follow-up appointment with my surgeon a few weeks ago. He told me that because of COVID, he had to notify upcoming surgery patients that they had to agree to be outpatient or they would have to cancel their surgery. The hospital here in Baltimore was mandating this. I’m sure if...
  16. gia2cats

    TKR 15 weeks and still in pain

    Please be careful that you are not exceeding the safe daily dose of Tylenol. Also, a lot of orthopods will not see a patient that another surgeon operated on if it’s less than a year after surgery. You may be able to find one but I don’t think It will be easy. I’m sorry you are still in pain...
  17. gia2cats

    TKR When to start outside PT

    I guess I’m in the minority but I’ve had 2 TKR’s, both on a Thursday. I went to outpatient PT the following Monday. Four days post op. For me, this was a good choice. It forced me to be active, put on makeup and get out of the house. I went to PT twice a week on average and completed PT at 6-7...
  18. gia2cats

    TKR My post-op recovery...

    What did your doctor say about the 101 temp. I know I was to call them for anything over 100.4. Each week you will feel better. Try not to overdo. Ice and pain meds are your friends right now. I think your insurance company was terrible with how they handled your surgery. I know I had to use the...
  19. gia2cats

    TKR Pre op visit

    I had a spinal for my first and general for my second TKR. I initially wanted a spinal for my second but anesthesia pointed out to me that since my surgery was later in the morning, the spinal might not wear off in time for me to be discharged that afternoon. So I agreed to the general. I will...
  20. gia2cats

    TKR Going home

    With my first TKR I requested to spend one night in the hospital. When I had my second knee last year, my surgery was at 10:15 am and I was in the car headed home at 3 pm the same day. I felt very comfortable doing that because I knew I had everything set up at home that I needed. Plus my...

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