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  1. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Vancouver USA Recovers

    You've had a rough recovery @VancouverUSAgal . With one good knee, you know your surgery can be successful. Here's hoping rest, elevation, ice will be enough...or that your OS has the answer. :flwrysmile:
  2. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Big Bend goes for bilateral big bendy knees!

    You are so right @sleenie .... we will continue to improve! I can tell even in the last week or two things are better. As you know, I didn't go to pt so it is interesting to compare (not that we should compare!!:heehee:) with those of you who did. The important thing is being able to do the...
  3. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Big Bend goes for bilateral big bendy knees!

    @Jamie , my great failing over the last month or so has been not icing and elevating. It just seemed there was no time. :hairpulling:That being said, I know I haven't overdone it. I either have adhesions or just a slow release of the swelling. I'm hoping it is swelling that will gradually...
  4. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Crow22 Recovery Diary

    What @referee54 said is true: there are lots of ups and downs. As long as you remember on the bad days that good days will follow and become more and more frequent, you can handle those days where one knee or the other reminds you it is in charge!!:flabber: My BTKR was a little over 4 months...
  5. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR It's finally time!!

    Welcome to the BTKR club....getting more and more popular as people see how great it is to have one recovery!!! @ljrfrm best wishes as you make your way to a better life.:yes!::flwrysmile::happydance:
  6. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Big Bend goes for bilateral big bendy knees!

    Just a hair over 4 months since my BTKR...haven't been able to access this site until today but it is time for an update. My foster twins found an adoptive home so I am relieved of child care, though I miss them deeply. Even with still healing knees, I managed to do all I needed to do to take...
  7. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR I had both knees tkr and am struggling

    I just got caught up on your thread, @Perry . You are getting lots of good advice. I had my btkr about 5-6 weeks before you. My experience was that icing/elevating relieved the pain better than the narcotics without the side effects. It is a slower recovery than any of us would like. I must say...
  8. BigBend

    Scared for my loved one

    For @gr82cu2 who wants her hubby to is a big problem to get those who haven't undergone this operation to understand the recovery. My elderly mother has been anxious that I'm not doing cartwheels (not that I ever could!) yet. I explained several times that healing can take a...
  9. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Big Bend goes for bilateral big bendy knees!

    Need to get me some better ROM, but doing fine in the meantime! @kneeper . Thanks for checking in on me! :console2:
  10. BigBend

    Having my first Knee Replacement July 9th 2014**Nervous

    Best wishes!!! You are ready for this!!!:spin::yes!::happydance:
  11. BigBend

    Roselover's July 8 TKR

    Good vibes coming your way for your trip to the recovery side! It is better on this side, even if recovery is never as quick as we want it, it will come.:curtsey:
  12. BigBend

    The final count down to a new life.

    Best wishes from another BTKR (3 months out!). Being on this side of surgery is much better than being in arthritic pain and fearing surgery. Your surgical pain will go away and life will get better!
  13. BigBend

    Questions regarding preparing for pre & post surgery

    In addition to the colace my doctor prescribed, I drank prune juice mixed with water and pomegranate juice and ate bran muffins I had made and frozen prior to surgery using Fiber One. I had very little problems with constipation! I bought the elastic shoe laces when I got tired of asking...
  14. BigBend

    what helping gizmos should one buy after surgery?

    I found the 3 in 1 commode invaluable, though I never used it as a commode because I could get to my toilet. I used it ON my toilet to both raises the seat and provide grab bars. I bought a shower chair but never used it. I was able to stand in the shower (@ two weeks after surgery) long enough...
  15. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR Big Bend goes for bilateral big bendy knees!

    I've not been to BS for awhile...primarily because of traveling (26 hours on Greyhound!- not fun!) and resuming foster care. I am being held captive by 5 month old twin girls:loveshwr::roseshwr::loveshwr:. At three months and 4 days out of BTKR, I can get up and down from chairs with the...
  16. BigBend

    TKR Everything Comes to She Who Waits

    At 11 weeks out from btkr, my knees still feel very heavy. So, yes, I'll take that Promised Land trip!!! :curtsey: @new knee in June !!
  17. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR May 19, 2014 bilateral knees for me

    You are very welcome. Even though we all recover at our own paces - and our knees as they see fit!- it is helpful to know that our pains and struggles are felt by others, both sympathetically and as a matter of fact! I don't worry about my own pains and ROM quite as much when I know others went...
  18. BigBend

    TKR 15 yr journy coming to an end...finally

    Three times since I came out of surgery have I done things that gave me extra swelling: I had a spilled lemonade episode that sounds much like your bug episode @sleenie . I jumped up without thinking, putting the full force of my weight on the poor knees. I also sat in a chair too low for me to...
  19. BigBend

    Bilateral TKR May 19, 2014 bilateral knees for me

    These are the up and down days of recovery @msmechanic58 . I'm 10 1/2 weeks out and have different pain than in the early days. My scar and kneecaps are way more sensitive than they were 3 weeks ago. I gotta believe it is part of the healing journey. New nerves wake up, new muscles get used...

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