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  1. Mumu

    TKR Round Two: Bring It On!

    I started back to school last week ( 10 weeks post-op) and logged 11,000 steps on the first day, oy vey! Happy to be back to work, but pretty fatigued upon arrival home. Last Sunday I drove 4 hours round trip with dogs in tow to visit my daughters family; I babysat a very busy three year...
  2. Mumu

    TKR Biscuit's Recovery II

    Last year my OS’s PA threatenened mecwith a MUA BEFORE my surgery. I was petrified. A lot of stuff he told me had shock value added it it, I hated seeing him. During a post op check, i asked my OS about MUA, he looked at me quizzically, said MUAs are very rare, and wanted to know why I...
  3. Mumu

    TKR Round Two: Bring It On!

    Nine week post op! Yay! Have increased my dog walking route to about 1.5 miles and am “swimming” about 90 minutes a day (more like bobbing and chatting, with lots of leg bending.) New scar (glued) is looking thin, i think it’s going to turn out less noticeable than last year’s (staples.). I...
  4. Mumu

    TKR Going through awful pain med withdrawal....

    Nutty Brunette: you may want to ask your G.P. about a reasonable way to taper off the Tramadol. I think Ellie and I both tapered too quickly and then suffered really debilitating consequences.
  5. Mumu

    TKR Going through awful pain med withdrawal....

    Ellie: Last week I dumped my few remaining Norco and a ton of Tramadol. Last year after TKR #1, i dumped a whole bottle of Percocet. I will have to find an alternative if i ever need narcotics again!
  6. Mumu

    TKR Going through awful pain med withdrawal....

    Dramamine helped me when I was having such a horrible time. My withdrawal symptoms lasted four miserable days. I will never take Tramadol again!
  7. Mumu

    TKR Desperate for recovery advice<

    I feel outraged when i read stories about doctors like this! The “staff girl” is not qualified to advice about medications. What kind of doctor scolds a patient before surgery!? Geeez. I was fuming just reading this! I feel so lucky that my OS is accessible and liberal with meds and empathy...
  8. Mumu

    TKR I Feel Like the Tin Man these Days

    About the staples: I had them for TKR #1 last year, and it did not hurt when they were removed on Day 12. This year I had glue, which was great.
  9. Mumu

    TKR Round Two: Bring It On!

    Almost seven weeks post-op now. Had a post-op visit with OS today, he said everything looks perfect. My incision has flattened out and is fading. I am not doing outpatient PT (with surgeon’s blesing) nor do I do any “exercises.” He eyeballed my ROM and gave it a thumbs up. In lieu of PT...
  10. Mumu

    TKR Going through awful pain med withdrawal....

    I am almost 6 weeks, too. Have not been to PT yet, and don’t plan on going. I quit the Norco after 4 days, then took Tramadol for about 2 weeks. Both meds made me queasy. I decided I’d rather have mild-moderate pain than feel nauseous, cranky, and sweaty all day long. I had awful cold...
  11. Mumu

    General anesthesia vs spinal for TKR

    Last year i had spinal anesthesia with propofol sedation. Do not remember a thing, not even the spinal induction as they gave me some versed when i got to the OR. Had a catheter, and a pain block in my thigh. Woke up in the OR as soon as they were done. Felt good. Last month i had general...
  12. Mumu

    TKR Constant nausea 2 weeks out

    Yes, terrible time with nausea when I went OFF the pain pills last week. I tried Dramamine and it helped.
  13. Mumu

    TKR Round Two: Bring It On!

    Today is my 4 week anniversary. I was able to add a block to my dog walking rounds today, guessing i was out moving very slowly for about 30 minutes. I also drove to Trader Joe’s and did a very light grocery trip. Pruned a few roses, watered, now I am icing and ready to nap. Pain is...
  14. Mumu

    TKR PT- To do or not to do?

    Inked Marie- the only things I am really doing right now (day 24) are some household chores and a 20 minute morning dog walk. I was able to drive the past few days, but a very quick trip to the store to get one item wore me out! My gait is improved, but slow. Flexion about 95,extension 5...
  15. Mumu

    TKR Round Two: Bring It On!

    Three weeks post op, but It seems like three months, LOL. I really reined in the activity the last week, so everyday is a lazy repeat, with visitors tossed in for entertainment. I was already walking my dogs around the block during week two, and even though I can easily do it, i have decided...
  16. Mumu

    TKR PT- To do or not to do?

    LOL Jockette! When my OS asked where I wanted to take PT, I was just about to make up a big lie and name a place because I knew I wasn’t going to go. But I actually just blurted out “ I don’t want to go,” then ducked and covered. He was nonplussed, and said he was always happy when his...
  17. Mumu

    TKR PT- To do or not to do?

    I am conducting an experiment! Last summer after my TKR, I faithfully went to outpatient PT and I pretty much felt it was a waste of time. Now I am 3 weeks post op with TKR2 and, with my OS’s blessing, I am skipping outpatient PT. I will report back in a few months whether or not it was the...
  18. Mumu

    TKR New Knee Me

    Last year my OS’s PA thereatened me with a MUA even before i had surgery! I hated my appointments with him, he was very doom and gloom, whereas my OS is cheery and optimistic. Fast forward to this year with TKR2,the PA is no longer working there, and the OS sees patients for all appointments...
  19. Mumu

    Here I go again!

    Yes, it has been much easier than last time! Last time I came home from the hospital with a bad cold, and then got terrible nausea from the pain meds. Had none of that this time. Also, the second time around is not as nerve wracking, because I knew what a positive outcome awaited me. Good...
  20. Mumu

    TKR Two days after surgery.

    My surgeon visited me on Day 3 when I was feeling my lowest and said this day was always the worst. He was right, things will improve slightly every day from now on. Hang in there!

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