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  1. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Jo, No, I haven't been in touch with my OS. It was one of his residents who requested follow-up wound care on the morning I was discharged from hospital. I can fire off an email to Dr Masri's assistant, and see what response I get on Monday. ~Phill
  2. kiwi_canuck

    THR Marvellous Marvin's New Home

    Carol, I feel very badly for you, and would be furious if I were in your shoes. The incident on your discharge day will certainly have contributed significantly to your current distress. As for your pain situation, now that it's the weekend, you may not be able to connect with medical...
  3. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Jo, Negative to the swab, blood tests and antibiotics. None of these have been have been ordered. I am taking my temperature twice daily, and it's quite normal, but I haven't seen my family doctor since the staples were removed two weeks ago. I am under the care of the nurses at the ambulatory...
  4. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Four weeks today, and my incision STILL needs a dressing because it is oozing. This is very frustrating, and I really don't know why it's taking so long to heal, nor when it will heal. @Josephine: Meanwhile, I am improving with my ROM and strength exercises, and my PT is pleased with the...
  5. kiwi_canuck

    THR THR on Feb 1 2012 in Canada : )

    Hey Lorrilee, Welcome to Bonesmart. You're in the right place to get the best advice from experts and peers, alike. Everything you've told us sounds pretty normal for where you're at along the road to recovery, and it can be frustrating not being able to do much in the early weeks. Hang in...
  6. kiwi_canuck

    THR I made it!

    Hi Hagar, Your pix show the bruising very well, and you certainly do have a lot of colour there. I'm intrigued that you were glued shut. (I had 57 staples on a 13" incision) Are you able to leave the wound open (i.e. undressed) and are you able to shower yet? Keep up the healing! ~Phillippa
  7. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    LOL Jo Lots of :cry: to get to this :yay: (My hubby is Canuck, but he's got a pointy elbow, too) ~Phill
  8. kiwi_canuck

    THR 19yo made it to the other side :-)

    Re: Travelling for the first time Gem, NYC? Wow, that will be a ton of fun. (And lots of walking, I bet.) As for the flight, nix the Dr's letter as Z says. The security folks will find the prosthesis - they're not uncommon. You may have to endure a pat-down, but that doesn't take too much...
  9. kiwi_canuck

    THR I made it!

    Oh Hagar, you're having a tough time after the dogapault, but I think it caused only some of the swelling and bruising, The rest would've been inevitable, but it takes a while to show, as Z says. On Day 5 my whole leg all the way down to my toes swelled up (after me admiring my slender ankles...
  10. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Sandy, My incision is being monitored because it has a spot that is still oozing straw-coloured fluid two weeks post-op. There doesn't appear to be any sign of infection, but I still have to take my temperature morning & evening as a precaution. The bummer is that the dressing inhibits my...
  11. kiwi_canuck

    Rider1960, Dorothy, back home finally!!!! (the long version!)

    Wow, Dorothy, you're doing great. It is so fulfilling to be able to do some "normal" things, isn't it? After 2 weeks, I'm back on light kitchen duties, and actually enjoy the chance to stand for 5-10 minutes at the kitchen sink. Great opportunity to side step along the counter when needing...
  12. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Thanx for the feedback Jaycey, Haldox, Alex & Dori. :yes 4: I hadn't thought of massage and/or the tennis ball idea. :DOH: I feel like it needs hubby's elbow to unknot the muscle LOL Thanx for those great suggestions. I can handle that hamstring stretch, Jaycey, and have been enjoying the...
  13. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Wow, a week has gone by since I last wrote anything here. I guess it must've been an uneventful time? Yesterday I had my staples out, and my Family Dr noted that the wound was still oozing a little. None-the-less, I got into the shower when I got home, and it felt sooooo goooood to stand under...
  14. kiwi_canuck

    THR I made it!

    Great reports, Hagar, and I'm happy for you. It sounds like you're coming along really well, and are enjoying the whole adventure into the world of hospitals, doctors and convalescing. Keep up the good work~ ~Phillippa
  15. kiwi_canuck

    THR Week #1

    Hi Peanut, Good to see another new, smiling face here at Bonesmart. I've often wondered if cold can reach the metal deep in the flesh. I have found that ice (and swimming in cold water) can make the hip and surrounding area ache. If the ice is too much, try just the elevation. The goal is to...
  16. kiwi_canuck

    Did pre-op scrubbing pads cause problems

    Hi Carol, I had LTHR at VGH on January 27th, and had to use the SAGE wash. It's part of a study to see if the wash reduces the occurrence of post-op wound infection. On the night before surgery, I showered at home, and with hubby's help I managed to wash in all the right places. My skin is...
  17. kiwi_canuck

    THR lifting leg

    Hi Grammy, I hear you about the non-responding leg. I'm still in that phase, and expect that it'll be a few more weeks before I can raise the leg unassisted. ~Phillippa
  18. kiwi_canuck

    THR 4 days post op, just wanted to say Hi!

    Hi dectjc, I'm a little late looking in, and have been reading your thread. I concur with all you said about the 2nd being a bit easier because you know what to expect. When I had my 1st THR, I was shocked at how helpless I was in the initial post-op weeks. Now I am better prepared, and know...
  19. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    The community nurse didn't get to me yesterday, and she's rescheduled for Monday. I cannot see any staining on the outside of the dressing, so suspect that the drainage is slowing down. Yesterday was a beautifully sunny day, so I went and stood outdoors on the balcony for a while to get some...
  20. kiwi_canuck

    THR So Far, So Good

    Good point about the appetite - it's slowly returning to normal. I had made and frozen some homemade stews, chili etc so that at least in the early days I'd have meals with lots of veggies (incl. lentils & beans) and no additives. Stewed up some prunes, and ate 4 last night. This morning...

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