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    Revision THR 2nd hip replacement

    When I had to wear those stockings for 3 weeks, I simply showered with them on, they dry really fast!
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    THR Surgery tomorrow, hospital stay!

    Hello! I’ll only be on this side for another 20 hours, surgery is set for tomorrow 11 o’clockish. I spoke with my surgeon today, and all is asked and answered. I’ll be in hospital anywhere from 2-4 days, tomorrow is day zero. Lateral approach, spinal anesthesia. I think I’ll ask for...
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    THR Surgery 8/16 I am very fearful

    Oh! Hahaha. Thank you.
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    THR Surgery 8/16 I am very fearful

    Hi Chrissy, I am having my left hip replaced a day before you, on Sept 15. a few years ago I had my other hip resurfaced. Once the initial surgery day was over, the doctor stopped the opioid pain med, and from there on, I had a cycle of taking tylenol every four hours, and Advil every four...
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    THR DJDWK Pre Op Journey

    I had injections for a few years, then got one hip resurfaced. In retrospect, had I done them both, it would have been best, but here I am, three years later, having been on a wait list for two years, getting the other hip replaced. in between, my other hip went from moderate to severe, I have...
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    THR Worried about incontinence

    I haven’t had this problem, but there are meds that might address your sleep incontinence. Ask your physician.
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    Hip Resurfacing Considering Resurfacing

    I had a Conserve Plus Hip Resurfacing done 3 years ago, and it is great. My doctor was just celebrating his 10,000 th resurf patient at that time. I’m scheduled to have THR in a couple of weeks, and I hope it is great also. ETA my right hip got the resurf, my left is getting the THR. you Can...
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    2021 September Sapphires - Are you having hip surgery in September?

    Hello! THR left hip scheduled for Sept 15, just had my preassessment clinic today. I had a Conserve + Hip resurfacing done on my right hip a few years ago, so this will be a new experience.

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