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  1. Zoebichon

    THR Charlie's RTHR Recovery Thread

    One of the reasons I believe I had some increased pain at six weeks is my doctor had asked me to discontinue my meloxicam then. So in addition to increasing my activity, I was down to just a nightIke dose of Tylenol. The meloxicam was great!
  2. Zoebichon

    THR Charlie's RTHR Recovery Thread

    I had both hips replaced at the same time. But I only had quad thigh pain and tightness in the right hip. And I only had soft tissue/groin pain in the left hip. I could definitely feel that right quad tightness, even some pain, for 4 months, then it slowly dissipated. Same with the groin...
  3. Zoebichon

    THR Holly's Hip Recovery

    I’m grateful for my retired federal employee health benefits. My co-pay for bilateral THR same day surgery was $75.00!
  4. Zoebichon

    THR Yoga after LTHR?

    I had bilateral dual mobility cups, plus anterior approach, so even less risk of dislocations. But I still listen really carefully to what my new hip joints tell me!
  5. Zoebichon

    THR Karen's left hip replacement recovery

    I still rely heavily on my bed-cane even at 4 months. I may always use it!
  6. Zoebichon

    THR Weird sensations and feeling of instability at times

    Your scar is so light! I’m a month ahead of you and my scars a so purple!
  7. Zoebichon

    THR My recovery thread: day 4 nausea and dizziness

    @Tuppence71. Can I just say that I love your cozy lounge wear. It looks like soft, light sweater material.
  8. Zoebichon

    THR Weird sensations and feeling of instability at times

    No, just anterior. My incisions are only three inches long! But I keep reading about everyone’s scars becoming thin and white within weeks. I am nearly 4 months, and my scar is still a very deep purple. Dr. Google says maybe I have a hypertrophic scar, which is harmless, just an...
  9. Zoebichon

    Foot Bunion surgery and more

    I had big toe joint fusion in 2018. I divided up my days between lying in bed and lying on the sofa, always with my leg up on a large yoga/exercise ball. I found the higher my foot, the less throbbing. The first week, my OS wanted me elevating my leg 55 minutes per each hour. The 2nd week...
  10. Zoebichon

    THR Strange bubble swelling

    In 2004, I started Weight Watchers and lost 75 pounds in 10 months. I even went “through “ menopause around that time. I did regain 23 pounds after retirement, but I have managed to keep over 50 pounds off for many years. Congrats on trying to lose weight. It is never easy to change emotional...
  11. Zoebichon

    Bilateral THR Cold-brew's Big Bilateral THR Adventure

    I was sleeping on either side by 2 weeks but I also had to switch sides every hour or two. I used a pillow between my knees and still do at 16 weeks. I had used the sock aid for several months before my surgery. I had to continue using it for at least 2 months after. My left foot was much...
  12. Zoebichon

    Bilateral THR Jad26 in recovery

    My upper thighs and front incisions were definitely warm for at least three weeks. Lots of inflammation going on in there from the surgery and healing. Ice really helps.
  13. Zoebichon

    THR I am the Storm

    I was so happy to see your update. I also noticed that funny post has been removed! You should have kept it for remembrance’ sake!
  14. Zoebichon

    THR Continuing pain after one week

    Also, many hairline fractures simply don’t show on normal X-rays. It takes a CT scan. But after a week or three, the hairline fracture will usually then be big enough to be seen on X-ray.
  15. Zoebichon

    THR My 4th bionic joint!

    My instructions regarding constipation prevention said not to take psyllium husk powder right after surgery. Well, since I had been taking two teaspoons of pure psyllium powder daily for years (not Metamucil, which has lots of added ingredients), I figured I could safely continue with it. I...
  16. Zoebichon

    Bilateral THR Excited to get two THR!

    Before the hip osteoarthritis became too painful, I belonged to a 55 plus hiking group that hiked twice a month, year round. I haven’t been able to do this since last fall. So today, at 3 and 1/2 months, I rejoined them for a perfectly gorgeous hike up near Mt. Rainier. And I did just fine...
  17. Zoebichon

    Bilateral THR Looking at Bi-lateral hip replacements

    I only lost one half of a liter of blood for my bilateral surgery. For 6 weeks every day before the op, I munched on a dish of raw, chopped cabbage daily, which is very rich in vitamin K. They told me half a liter of blood loss is excellent.
  18. Zoebichon

    THR Waiting for call from scheduler

    My OS said he was booking 4 to 5 months out. This was last November. They had gotten very behind due to Covid. Then, in February, once again our governor put a one month moratorium on elective surgeries, pushing me out yet another month! I was told the scheduler would call me with the date 6...
  19. Zoebichon

    Bilateral THR Jad26 in recovery

    I purchased the Lounge Doctor, often advertised on this site. It’s a large wedge for elevating both legs at once. I spent most of my first three weeks lying flat on a foldout futon sofa with a comfy mattress. Mostly I had both legs up on the Lounge Doctor while I iced and rested. I also just...
  20. Zoebichon

    Hemi-Arthroplasty Lateral pelvic tilt and real LLD (7mm)

    I don’t have LLD but I have been using a heel lift in all of my shoes for many years due to scoliosis from a severe degenerative spine. I do have to always wear this heel lift in all of my shoes, including my indoor shoes, or I do get a severe back ache. I very rarely ever go barefoot because...

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