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  1. ladyjane5

    Reverse Shoulder Replacement strange lump after surgery?

    My Husband developed a hematoma after reverse. They tried a guided ultrasound to remove blood and fluid; but it wasn’t done right away and not much came out. He now is doing exercises in a pool which is heated to 90.
  2. ladyjane5

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    I think they do and you can get them from Amazon or CVS
  3. ladyjane5

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    I am going next week for my 6 month check. Still hurts when I get up from a chair and when I use the stairs. Also still some numbness and heat off and on in the knee. I am going to ask about acupuncture for the knee. I started to do the side to side lunges again. It only is painful going...
  4. ladyjane5

    TKR Post TKR surgery

    I was in the hospital for 2 nights. PT had me do steps and get in and out of a car. Walked the halls with the PT. The nurses would put the walker in a farcorner of my room so I couldn’t get up on my own and walk around. Started PT the following week after surgery. Did Outpatient PT 8 week -...
  5. ladyjane5

    TKR Runner new to forum TKA June 22, 21

    Regarding the limp @Baldylovcks13 sometimes I will limp when I get out of bed in the morning or after a very active day. I was getting bow legged from arthritis before the surgery; so the OS had to straighten the leg my ankle is weak from previous injury which I think causes some referral...
  6. ladyjane5

    THR Robotic posterior RTHR 9/7/21

    I do seated yoga also since it is uncomfortable to kneel due to the numb areas in my knee. also standing from a seated position is still uncomfortabe. I do light squats to try to loosen this area; but it sometimes feels like a bone or the implant is coming through my skin. Just a sensation I...
  7. ladyjane5

    TKR Nearly 4 weeks post op TKR

    Yes, I have this. I think I have arthritis in my feel and loss of padding in my feet due to srep Serbia’s, and other exercise
  8. ladyjane5

    TKR 11 Week Post Op. Beach Report

    I am at 3+ months and I have difficulty getting up from a chair. My pain is on the outside of the knee. I was bow legged and I thought maybe when the OS straighten my knee the muscles, nerves, etc were affected and that is why it still is painful. I have continued numbness in my knee. I have...
  9. ladyjane5

    TKR Amazingly better experience with knee #2!

    Are you still doing Pilates? Do you do Pilates on a reformer or an on the floor class? I am considering calling our local studio to see if the owner thinks Pilates would strengthen my leg and baby knee I am 3 months post TKR Currently I do Chair Yoga, Silver Sneakers total body workout and a...
  10. ladyjane5

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    Wow, really?! Arnica Massage Oil, huh? Did you put it on the whole knee, even the scar? I was told not to put anything on it. I'm game to try anything. I have been using Magnesium Gel from CVS for knee pain. Also I started taking magnesium supplements at night Saw the PA today for 3 month...
  11. ladyjane5

    TKR Day 25

    At 3 months - numbness persists and the zingers are becoming less I have been using magnesium gel on knee and taking a magnesium tablet at night
  12. ladyjane5

    TKR Three weeks and three days

    last week I found magnesium gel at CVS Pharmacy
  13. ladyjane5

    TKR 11 Week Post Op. Beach Report

    So I am back from a 1 week beach vacation with my family. Every day I walked to the boardwalk and beach with my Husband holding my hand. This year I only carried my beach bag. I did not take my cane to the beach. Walking on the sand was difficult, but I wore a pair of Merrill tie water shoes...
  14. ladyjane5

    TKR Tight Band

    I am 9 weeks post TKR and have stopped PT for now. I get zingers and an uncomfortable pain at the outside of my knee when I move too quickly or bend the knee too aggressively. My bend is good and flat so I am not concerned about that. PT said to ice as needed and I take Celebrex for other areas...
  15. ladyjane5

    PKR Clunky Knee

    My surgeon said the same thing - back to normal in 3 months…. I am at week 9 and doing very well and I know it is going to take a full year to recover The PT are trying to focus on strength training now But I am stopping PT for now Have resumed Tai Chi and Silver Sneakers Program and on other...
  16. ladyjane5

    TKR Pain next to the knee

    i get pain there also and I had robotic surgery I use CBD salve and massage the area with my Hand Also have pain on outside of knee and knee has numb areas at 8 weeks My PT says the exercises are for strength in that area; but I am not sold
  17. ladyjane5

    TKR 11 Week Post Op. Beach Report

    Today at PT the therapist was checking my ankles and said both of them were very tight He gave me what seemed liked a manipulaton and afterward the ankles felt great Could it be when the surgeon straightened my leg during the knee transplant that it has made my ankles worse than usual also...
  18. ladyjane5

    TKR Tight Band

    I just wanted to add that my gait was getting very poor prior to surgery. I was bow legged and the surgeon had to straighten my leg. Also my ankles are weak; so I struggle with balance, et
  19. ladyjane5

    TKR Tight Band

    I have similar pains at 7 weeks. I have been told it is the nerves reattaching. Are you walking peg leg because of the pain?

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