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  1. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    I saw a physical therapist today for the bone deformity in my heel and—surprise!—she said partially to blame is hip weakness. I told her how much I hike and she said my body has learned to compensate for hip weakness. That is one of the reasons I get butt pain when I overdo it. So, the two main...
  2. MissFanny

    THR Right hip replacement

    @Hopalong Cassid The back sleeping is kind of a bummer, but the drugs they give you for pain help to knock you out. :loll:Also, the surgery is an energy sapper, so you will be surprised how much easier it is to sleep on your back than you think. I slept with my feet elevated. That seemed to help...
  3. MissFanny

    THR LaKarune's Journey Back to the Dance Floor - Recovery Thread

    Thinking of you! Happy (hippy) three months! :flwrysmile:
  4. MissFanny

    THR PowerSeed’s LTHR

    Good luck tomorrow! :flwrysmile:
  5. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    Thank you, @Layla! It’s going way too fast but it’s great! Feeling good at 3 months, too. I still have some stiffness in the surgery hip I didn’t experience with my first surgery. But I had a lot less range of motion in this second hip due to a bone spur, so I haven’t stretched it in years. I...
  6. MissFanny

    THR New hip at 37! How it went, how it's going!

    I hope-hope-hope to be back on my bike in a few weeks. It’s been 3+ long years. Congratulations! :bicycle1:
  7. MissFanny

    THR Surgery date THR 21Aug2023

    Perfect date for a pleasant late summer and fall recovery. :) :-) (: I avoided cold weather surgeries because I thought it would make the necessary and nearly round the clock icing too unpleasant. I can honestly say after two THRs, it is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my...
  8. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    @Jaycey that is good to know! I celebrated like I always do: a morning hike! I am also celebrating 3 years alcohol-free today.
  9. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    Yesterday, June 21, 2023, was my first day in a loooong time not taking anything for pain. I was going to take 1 ibuprofen before bed and I forgot. Let’s see how long I can keep this streak going!
  10. MissFanny

    THR LaKarune's Journey Back to the Dance Floor - Recovery Thread

    I have thought of you often! So happy to read the healing is going reasonably well. Take care!:loveshwr:
  11. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    As expected, the biopsy was inconclusive. But what they were able to test was benign. Photos from my early morning prairie hike today! I am feeling awesome. Considering stopping that before bed dose of ibuprofen now. But I have been on some sort of OTC or prescription painkiller for more than...
  12. MissFanny

    THR Left hip THR - June 8th, 2023 recovery process

    Sounds like you are doing great! I am always surprised by how much different everyone’s experience is, from the surgery and how long/whether people stay overnight to the medications that are orderer to the healing experience. It’s amazing all the different approaches these surgeons take to get...
  13. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    @Layla, yes, they have run every conceivable test and everything is normal. The biopsy was just kind of a “you’re already here and let’s cover all bases” thing. I did not get the impression he thought this was anything serious. Technically, I had only been in menopause 14 months when it...
  14. MissFanny

    THR April 12 - Second THR

    Done with my checkup. Pre-note: I had a uterine ablation about 13 years ago and that plays into this report. The ultrasound was normal. I had a fibroid but nothing unusual. As we already know, my hormone tests came back as those of a woman who is not menopausal. He said there are two...
  15. MissFanny

    THR One year anniversary THR

    Oh no! Sorry to read about the wrench thrown into your fantastic recovery! I hope it heals quickly and you get back to all the things you love.
  16. MissFanny

    THR Hip Replacement Surgery Coming Up

    With my first THR, I lost 10 pounds without even trying. I think the painkillers also killed my appetite. The painkillers didn’t send me reeling as badly with my second THR a few months later and I had a hearty appetite. I gained like 10 pounds, but like a previous poster said, I think a lot of...
  17. MissFanny

    THR THR June 19th. - left hip

    I have been through two anterior THR in 7 months (first age 53, second age 54). Don’t get too worried! The first 10 days are a suck fest, but it gets a lot better after that. And one of the BoneSmart staff shared the mantra “all temporary” with me, which really kept me going. I am two months out...
  18. MissFanny

    THR Second THR on July 10

    I felt strong and well enough to go home the same day. I don’t remember my first THR in September 2022 that well, but with my April 12, 2023 surgery, I was in surgery at 7 and in my car at 11. The first few days aren’t that painful anyway because of the block. I liked being at home where I am...
  19. MissFanny

    THR Right Hip on the 24th June

    The sooner the better! Okay, that’s a generalization and totally depends on what else is going on in your life, but I have had both hips replaced and the recovery from the one that wasn’t as damaged was much easier!
  20. MissFanny

    THR Possible hip surgery needed

    I had a right THR in September and returned to work after 4.5 weeks. I did half days for the first week. With my left THR, I returned for a week of half days at 3.5 weeks. I regretted the second earlier return as I was pretty fatigued, but I muscled through. I work from home, so no commute and I...

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