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  1. NightQuilter

    TKR First TKR 8/17. Another will follow!

    Hi Salleroo - I saw your comment on Dmcfad2's thread and did not want to hijack her thread. I hope your recovery - and sleep - are improving! With your left knee about 3 weeks out, you are not unlike my situation where I had the two knees replaced 7 weeks apart. Very impressed that you are...
  2. NightQuilter

    TKR Question About Pain After TKR

    Debbie, I hope your surgeon gets that cancellation so you can get in there sooner. Would this be the same surgeon who did your hips? I agree with previous respondents - your current pain is not going to improve until your replacement. Be sure to check out some of the exercises to prepare for...
  3. NightQuilter

    THR One hip done

    @Tra2419 it sounds like you are progressing well. SInce it sounds like you are off the heavy meds, for the sleeping issues, have you considered taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen with a PM - Advil PM (ibuprofen) or Excedrin PM (acetaminophen) at night? It may be enough to get you to that 7th or...
  4. NightQuilter

    Spine SPINE - Fusion, Microdecompression, Other Procedures - What to Expect

    @Grammy57 , it seems a few of us have been away from here for a bit! Glad you do not have osteoporosis! And what an interesting procedure to insert wedges into the facets. Good luck with the knee!
  5. NightQuilter

    TKR Both hips and now my knee

    Hi Debbie! I had bilateral hips done in 2003 and they are still doing great! My knees came almost a decade later. Because you've had both hips done, I think you will find your recovery from the knee a bit more reliable because you can trust the support you will have from your hips. Will the...
  6. NightQuilter

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    Early catch and small - that should mean treatable. Good luck - lifting prayers for you and your medical team.
  7. NightQuilter

    TKR Almost two years with tkr

    I am so glad to hear that your are continuing to gain functionality and have a good outcome, albeit not as quickly as you hoped. Thanks for the update!
  8. NightQuilter

    THR My 4th bionic joint!

    Sadly, 20 years later, my getting up from the floor is still ugly - even for a toddler!:rotfl:
  9. NightQuilter

    TKR Abdominal muscle pain

    So glad to hear the procedure is over and was painless. Now for negative results!!
  10. NightQuilter

    THR Pants

    Hi @Pants - so sorry you are having to deal with this. Its only been @ 6 weeks since lefty was replaced, so the stiffness and pain are not really unusual. I suspect you may have overdone activity a bit during the holidays too. Remember that as our hips (and knees) deteriorated, your body made...
  11. NightQuilter

    TKR My Journey

    I am unaware of anyone, offhand, who has dealt with knee surgery and CHF, should that be the determination you get. Hopefully this will all resolve as something much less serious.
  12. NightQuilter

    Bilateral TKR Pams Mar 16, 2020 bilateral TKR

    Mt goodness! What a lucky lady you are! You'll be back to your walking (without piles of recycling in your arms) and bicycling in no time! :biking::walking:
  13. NightQuilter

    TKR Right TKR Headed My Way!!

    We'll be looking for you on the other side @HoldenOn ! Good luck tomorrow - relief and recovery are on their way!
  14. NightQuilter

    TKR New redness after TKR

    I'm glad your doctor wants to monitor it daily. It does not seem to have spread overnight, which is also good. You might ask your OS about taking an antihistamine if the tremendous itching continues. Is the area warm or hot to the touch? Perhaps some ice there, as well as on the knee?
  15. NightQuilter

    THR Sarak - There's Life After a Hip Replacement

    That is so cool! Love the shirt!
  16. NightQuilter

    THR My 4th bionic joint!

    What an amazing tomato harvest!! So glad you were able to accomplish all that without too much aggravation of your hip - hope the shoulder strain relaxes soon.
  17. NightQuilter

    Spine SPINE - Fusion, Microdecompression, Other Procedures - What to Expect

    I won't know until next week when I see her again. I believe it depends on the type of AMD and apparently mine is treatable. My ophthalmologist said something about removing the gel and straightening out the retina and that it has become very routine. I can't imagine what that means and the...
  18. NightQuilter

    THR Second hip recovery different from the first

    Do consult your OS @spongemum . It may not be anything too serious - perhaps some bursitis. My hips are nearly 20 years old and over the summer I developed some debilitating pain in the right hip which would ease off after a few days and then return periodically. OS took Xrays and MRI - no...
  19. NightQuilter

    THR My 4th bionic joint!

    These experiences are why I am thankful to have had a bilateral hip. I was forced to "embrace" them both immediately. Once home, I used the walker to get into the house, then it became my magazine and knitting rack next to the recliner! I decided to use the crutches exclusively as they forced...
  20. NightQuilter

    Spine SPINE - Fusion, Microdecompression, Other Procedures - What to Expect

    What a relief (in a way) to know the neck issues are not the cause of the eyesight weakening. I'm looking at macular degeneration surgery in the near future, followed by cataracts. :flabber: ACDF is the anterior decompression and fusion. Lifting prayers the PT exercises work and give you the...

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