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  1. wander03

    TKR Aggressive Physical Therapy

    Thank you all for your prayers and, as always, your support. I will let you know how well the pillow works to ease pain when I sleep. @Jockette I am sorry to know that you and others still have challenges after PKRs or TKRs. I wish I were the only one. I checked back in this thread and saw that...
  2. wander03

    TKR Aggressive Physical Therapy

    July 19 was the second anniversary of my right TKR. And my right knee is still constricted. I know of absolutely no one else who has had a knee replacement who is not walking normally, generally a few weeks or definitely two or three months after the surgery. I think I need to accept that this...
  3. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    Today is the fiirst anniversary of my second THR. I am grateful that I no longer have pain in my hips and look forward to many years of painfree activity. It would be nice if my right knee were not constricted, but at least I can be thankful for no hip pain. If you read this and have recently...
  4. wander03

    THR Left hip THR - June 8th, 2023 recovery process

    @bay_streety As I recall, I iced more frequently than 3 to 4 times a day, and I think it was beneficial in helping decrease the swelling. I would have to check my recovery thread to be certain. But, it sounds like your swelling has gone down, so apparently what you've been doing is working. I...
  5. wander03

    THR Right Hip recovery 6/1/23 anterior

    @tanvat I, too, had the anterior approach for both of my THRs. I liked that there were almost no restrictions. I only had a restriction as to how much weight I could lift for a specific period of time. It was quite a while before I could put on my socks or tie shoes. I used a sock puller and...
  6. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    @Layla Seeing the fall leaves, if they turn that early, would be a nice bonus. Something more to anticipate.
  7. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    My trip to Minnesota will not be the last week of June. :sad: After all our planning, Jennifer is unable to go with me that week, and she is also looking forward to seeing Debra. Since I think the trip will be more enjoyable with Jennifer, we are planning to go in September. It’s a...
  8. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    @Jaycey June 27 will be the first anniversary of my second THR. When do you think it will no longer be considered a "new" hip in determining appropriate exercise?
  9. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    Aquatic therapy seems to be somewhat beneficial for my right knee. It seems to be a bit less constricted. I remain optimistic that I will be able to walk unassisted. Chrystel wants me to participate in aquatic aerobics at Mercy Fitness and go to aquatic therapy every other week for two or three...
  10. wander03

    THR Superpath Surgery. May 10, 2023

    I have not known of anyone in real life that walked unassisted 24 hours after surgery. If it really happened, that is great. However, I hope no one will think they should measure their recovery by that. You seem to be doing very well for it being only four days since your surgery. Keep up the...
  11. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    @Layla Thank you for the caution about overdoing it in the water. I have never been a "water person" and do tend to overdo. I will definitely keep in mind that, as in all things, I need to practice moderation in my aquatic therapy sessions. My Mother's Day has been enjoyable. My son and my...
  12. wander03

    TKR 4 Weeks, Min exercise = severe pain

    I had my right knee replaced on July 19, 2021. As I posted in my knee recovery thread, the physical therapy I experienced from that time until mid-September 2021 was overly aggressive and created a difficult situation with my knee. I have been in therapy for my knee with two different physical...
  13. wander03

    THR Onwards and upwards

    @Uk Hippie, I think your experience so far is fairly typical. I like the list of emotions that @Mojo333 listed. I think her list is right on. Hang in there. It keeps getting better and better.
  14. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    Hello, there. It's me again. I had cataract surgeries on April 5 and April 25. I go in to get my prescription tomorrow, May 15. I will be so glad not to have to switch among my (new) reading glasses, (new) sunglasses, and an old pair of prescription glasses that I use for the computer. Although...
  15. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    Thanks to all for the belated first anniversary/hipversary greetings. @Klassy I was supposed to have the first cataract surgery on March 23; however, my body was exposed to and got COVID on March 17 and 18. I went to Fayetteville those days and visited with my daughter Jennifer. She thought she...
  16. wander03

    THR right hip replacement problems

    I am delighted that you made an appointment with Dr. Chow. Although I do not know him, from the recommendation by @Jamie and what you posted, I feel confident that he will be able to help you resolve your reluctance to have your other hip replaced. And then you, like so many others, will have a...
  17. wander03

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    Yes, it will definitely be worth it. I think that when your hip heals properly, the pain will go away, your hip will be stronger, and you will have even more enjoyment doing the things you love.
  18. wander03

    THR 8 weeks from THR

    There have been several replies that address your knee pain. You might want to go back through and read the replies. Please release your desperation to get to the gym. If you worked out regularly before your THR, I am sure it is difficult for you to not be working out. But you will be able to...
  19. wander03

    THR Anterior Hip Replacement: 6 weeks Post Op

    After my first THR, one year ago today, also anterior, I had an in-home physical therapist who had worked on my ITB and quad that had fused together. I had a TKR, also on the right side, 7/19/2021, and Chris became my PT after another PT program caused a great deal of harm to my knee by overly...
  20. wander03

    THR And now the healing begins

    Today is the first anniversary of my first THR. It seems like a long yet short period of time. I am so grateful that I no longer have pain in my hips. Thanks to everyone on BoneSmart who made my recovery less difficult. Being able to vent my pain and frustration and feeling validated made a...

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