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  1. newpartial

    Spinal versus general anesthetic

    Hi I could of had a spinal but opted for a GA - i have had a lot of ops with GA's and never really had an issue. I also had a femoral block which they did when i was under. I know a lot of people have had great experiences with spinal's but for me I did not want the experience (i never had...
  2. newpartial

    Hospital stay

    Put my skinny's on at 5 weeks as was out for a meal round some friends - they acted like a compression stocking round my operated knee. Was fine for a few hours but probably no more. After about 8 weeks i could pretty much get away with them on all day - just depends on the swelling. You will...
  3. newpartial

    Hospital stay

    Hi there I wore skinny jeans to the hospital just for the reason i knew i would not be in them for a long time after. Surgery day was just the standard gown - then days 2/3 shorts and t-shirt. Good luck
  4. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    Hi Jamie sorry was a typo it’s the Sigma DePuy (PFJ) that has been discontinued. The Avon is still going strong. Thanks
  5. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    Hi , it was an Avon patella femoral , my surgeon actually said he preferred using the Sigma but that has been taken off the market I think for pat fems. I really think it’s more to do with the skill of one with the knife rather than the metal work. Only thing about patella femoral they used to...
  6. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    Well officially 4 months today - cannot believe its 4 months yikes. So glad to report knee is doing great. I am back too full time work, running (well more of a shuffle jog but still..), managing to make it up and down some tors on Dartmoor, cycling (on my recently purchased new bike.. well a...
  7. newpartial

    [HIGH TIBIAL OSTEOTOMY] 4 mo Post-HTO having issues with recovery (pain/depression)

    Hi - i do not have any experience of HTO but re the running after the TKR... My surgeon has just replaced another surgeons knee at my local hospital.. they are both in training for a marathon at the moment - both are experienced runners. I guess what i am saying is that its not a given that if...
  8. newpartial

    Return to office job timeline - question and venting!

    Just to add that even if you can find some sort of set up to allow you to ice and elevate your leg the pain meds can effect your judgement. My job involves fast decision making with long term impacts .. I really would not of wanted to be making any significant choices when on the meds and then...
  9. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    Hi all thought i would give a little update after my tumble. So was confirmed i have a grade II calf muscle tear after my tumble. Had a scan of my leg and the implant is holding firm yay. Actually all the med crew said how impressive it is and it shows how the implant is set rock solid. My knee...
  10. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Exercise & Gym Classes etc after Patello Femorol (Partial Knee (kneecap) replacement)

    Mine is ok with most things even running in time .. Only thing he said never to do would be squash.
  11. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    So... went For a costal walk with friends chatting and NOT concentrating on my knee i walked down the road and my operated leg went straight down a pit hole. My knee twisted in s way I thought was not humanly possible. Totally excruciating , The knee is swollen but not actually feel to bad .. my...
  12. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    So now just over 9 weeks post op. Just came back from a weeks camping trip which was fantastic with the hubby snd kids. According to my fit bit we walked average 10-13 miles a day (costal paths) and I managed my first body boarding since the op yay:surfer:. My knee was quite warm to touch and...
  13. newpartial

    [TKR] Life in Recovery: cynof4’s RTKR

    Yay .. I have been looking out for you on this side. Lack of sleep and the zingers all common but you gave now started the journey. Keep up with your pain meds and things will get better. Wishing you an uneventful recovery :flwrysmile:
  14. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Worst than first<

    I am 7 weeks post op and still on tramadol at night . During the day on max paracetamol and naproxin. My OS do not be a martyr .. take the meds. I really feel it’s a race to stop them. :idea:
  15. newpartial

    [TKR] BCS Anna's Recovery

    @BCSAnna you were one of the early ones I started my knee replacement journey with .. like you my recovery is going very well. I just wanted to say that I will miss your Penelope updates but wish you ( and the infant knee) all the very very best for the future) :flwrysmile:
  16. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    Wk 6 update .. Had my 6 week check up with my os. He asked general questions about how I was feeling thing were going/ pain levels etc. Had a quick look at my bend which he estimated is approx 120, I am also walking with no aids now as well. We had a look at the x Ray taken post op which was...
  17. newpartial

    Edinburgh knee replacement surgeons

    hi all posting on behalf of a friend .. I just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for a knee replacement surgeon ideally in Edinburgh uk? Thanks
  18. newpartial

    [TKR] Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    Must be honest I was all over the place for a few months after any surgery I have had ..skipped a couple then erratic .. took a few months to get back into the rhythm. Think is more related to the stress on the body rather than blood loss? Sure an advisor will know more.
  19. newpartial

    [PARTIAL KR] Patella femoral recovery'

    A patella femoral replacement they replace the groove of the femur and resurface with s metal part / they also take the back of the knee cap off and join a plastic ‘button’. So the plastic button then runs in the metal groove ... think only about 1 percent of replacements are patella femoral :)

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