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  1. dlp

    Hip replacement 4 months after arthroscopy

    I had arthroscopic surgery for FAI about a year before my 1st THR. Pain was getting really bad in both hips, especially the left, but finally reached a breaking point and I decided to do something about it. My OS did some X-rays, and the diagnosis was osteoarthritis on top of Cam and Pincer...
  2. dlp

    FAI surgery scheduled for 10/02

    I had surgery for FAI - didn't have a cartilage problem, just extra bone growth that got shaved down on both the pincer and cam of my left hip joint. Root issue is osteoarthritis, though, so ended up with 2 THR's anyway :) Doctors restrictions can vary, but for me I only had 1 major...
  3. dlp

    How soon after hip replacement can you fly?

    Took a trip to Ireland from N. California about 12 weeks after my first THR. The new hip totally enjoyed the trip and had a great time. The other hip, however, had a pretty miserable few days. The new hip felt so good that the pain in the other seemed amplified. Overall, though, I didn't have...
  4. dlp

    Cortisone shot?? Effectiveness?

    I had 2 - first one lasted a few months. 2nd one was barely a few weeks. Nothing to lose by trying it you are waiting a while! Good luck
  5. dlp

    Intro and some questions

    A lot depends on your body and your tolerance for pain. For both of my surgeries on the day of surgery and into the next day, I don't think I would have wanted to go without something fairly strong on the painkiller front. Share your concerns with your physician so that you can work out a plan...
  6. dlp

    Ceramic or Poly

    Might be worth asking your surgeon if he has any feedback from long term patients. Either option is probably as good as the other, just with certain tradeoffs. The CoC would be durable, and have less chance of any poly particles eventually wearing out, but CoC has the potential (even if slight)...
  7. dlp

    tcdc135 - Got a new knee, need a new hip

    From what I saw of the TKR patients post surgery, recovery for the hip seems like it's a breeze in comparison! Good luck!
  8. dlp

    Pain Perception

    Yeah, that's a pretty cool chart!
  9. dlp

    Pain Perception

    Engineers always find a way to overthink things :) But that's OK, I'm a nerd, so I feel you. The point is that they want *your* number, not anyone elses. My wife is less tolerant of pain than I am, so if she says a 6, I might say 3 for the same thing. The idea being that it gives them an idea...
  10. dlp

    [THR] Second THR complete!

    For sure - I was in Philadelphia once many years ago, and a pack of Wrigley's Spearmint gum with the foil wrappers set off their metal detectors. They guy was like "are you sure your pockets are empty" - then he sees the gum in my shirt pocket. Didn't even think about it, as it didn't happen in...
  11. dlp

    [THR] Second THR complete!

    Just a quick report on international travel with a THR vs. USA travel. As usual, the metal detector (as noted before, I have TSA PreCheck) detected the hips. Also as usual, I opted for the extra screening/'vigorous' patdown in San Francisco. And vigorous it was... I feel I'm owed dinner from...
  12. dlp

    [THR] Second THR complete!

    I can tell you my flying experience at Detroit and San Francisco using TSA-PreCheck. Both metal detectors detected the "hardware" ;) and the usual suggestion from TSA was to go through the body scanners. No Thank You -- I barely want qualified techs in medical facilities using radiation devices...
  13. dlp

    [THR] Second THR complete!

    Happy 2019! Thanks for checking in. Recovery zooming right along. Psoas still taking it's sweet time getting back to 100%, but in day to day activity it hasn't really been a concern. Just need to get back its stamina. Had a slight scare about 2 weeks ago where I pulled something on my left...
  14. dlp

    Gonna get better....

    Seeing what the knee folks went through during the post-surgery therapy session after my THRs, I think you might find it to be much easier. While they were showing us hip people how to handle sitting, standing, etc., I felt a lot of sympathy for the knee people on the other side of the room...
  15. dlp

    Post op pain

    No pain post-op touched anything I dealt with before surgery. Barring complications, and keeping up with medications, you should feel minimal pain and discomfort - all very short lived. You might be able to avoid narcotics post-op, but everyone has different tolerances for pain. Take them if you...
  16. dlp

    Does the type of hip surgery matter?

    Yep - born in Detroit, and most recently lived in Ypsilanti before moving to NorCal. Drove down to Toledo a lot over the years - the wife was a fan of Dillards department store :) Definitely a double-satisfied patient on this end. The surgery was a life saver. Research is great, but don't work...
  17. dlp

    Does the type of hip surgery matter?

    Echoing that approach really doesn't matter. You can read good and bad about all approaches here - the major factor of recovery is definitely more related to you: your current health, your healing abilities, your attention to restrictions and instructions, etc. Best to go with the surgeon you...
  18. dlp

    Thighs are killing me

    Before my first THR, my quads/thighs would feel like I had walked 500 miles every day. Learned a few stretches, and gave them the foam roller treatment too. Once the surgery happened, things eased up. Could feel it coming back as the second hip started making more noises, but at that point it...
  19. dlp

    New hip in 12 days

    To me, the "Differentness" didn't last. At first I was very aware that something was different because the deep burning pain was gone. Because of the trauma of surgery, muscles and other parts were weakened. So to me, it often felt the like the hip had a mind of its own with it's new-found...
  20. dlp

    When do I know its time?

    Won't do an MRI? Doesn't want to offer THR? Agree with the others that it's time to find a new surgeon. You're the same age as I was for my 1st THR. I waited about a year with significant pain (minor pain was hanging around for at least 5 years beforehand) before really doing anything , but...

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