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  1. forbesy

    [TKR] New Left Knee replacement

    Hi folks I am back nice to see the site is still going strong after having three hip replacements unfortunately after developing problems on my left hip replacement I had to have it done again. It was then they asked if I had any other problems. I explained I was getting slight problems from my...
  2. forbesy

    [REVISION THR] Och a wee set back

    Hi folks I am back Unfortunately last Wednesday when working from home I went upstairs to use the toilet, when I put my left leg on the top landing and pulled myself up my hip replacement gave way. I waddled like a duck to my bed to rest in the hope it would fall back into place while I lay on...
  3. forbesy

    [THR] Och I'm back

    With a nice new shiny left hip after my op on Monday, no major problems everything appears ok, at home now and writing this as I can't get to sleep, a big thank you to Mr Manzaik and Dr Clark for evrything going smoothly and all the staff at the Royal Infirmary never got the chance to thank them...
  4. forbesy

    Here we go Here we go

    Well after a lot of debate I have decided it's time to go and get number two done, have asked for Mr Porter and have been put on a nine week waiting list. During the recent damp weather I was in sever pain and had to go striaght onto pain killers but since the warmer weather crept in [ did I...
  5. forbesy


    Were has she gone is she ok.
  6. forbesy

    Just In Case

    You didn't all know the new video made for us by Jeremy is in the social room. Terrific stuff by the way and worth a look. Bet there will be a few folk saying Oh No :th_heehee:
  7. forbesy

    [THR] Just got back yesterday

    Hi Lads and Lassies got home yesterday shattered NO not from the op but from the silly self centred man that was put into my section as no one else would have him. He turned night into day and day into night, the op seemed to have went well though and touch wood I feel a tad stiff on my right...
  8. forbesy

    bloomin' snow

    Went out to do the shopping down at the local shopping centre got the bus down but popped up to the bank first. Haven't walked that far in ages God I'm in pain :rant:I have now realised how much the car means to me now without it I would be lost and it being buried in the snow doesn't help my...
  9. forbesy

    Need both hips doing

    Hi It's Billy Just been to see my doc today at Edinburgh RI and after having keyhole surgery on my knee as I wasn't feeling any pain in my hip, low and behold the pain appeared in my hip about a month after my keyhole. I have been told I need a double hip replacement done but as I am now 55...

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