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  1. dmichael21

    When have most started to drive after R TKR?

    In my case I was 5 weeks and at 1st it’s hard to concentrate because of all you have been through and I was driving a 18 wheeler automatic trans after 7 weeks so hopefully that helps.
  2. dmichael21

    [TKR] Crazy Tom's post apocalyptic TKR Thread

    Hey crazy guy you make me look like an Angel,how are you getting 133 degrees? Are you a former gymnast, I would question that person measurements. I’m over 4 months and I’m lucky if I’m 120 degrees and I train 2x a day. Your very motivated and a hard worker and I hope you keep up the diet. I was...
  3. dmichael21

    [TKR] Motorcycle riding????

    Hey Mr. Broiler, they went easy on you, I like to exercise and diet and I got beat up on this fine forum and they can be brutal tooMy advise is to relax and feed the ducks instead of that scary bike you have. Your very young and don’t worry about condition, it will all come naturally
  4. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    I kinda misunderstood, my flexion is horrible and I thought it could be measured if I sent a pic, my good leg can bend to about 133 degrees and today I’m getting my operated leg within 4 “ of lining up with my good one, if you could give me a in the ballpark number I would be appreciative. I’m...
  5. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    I do look awful red and that’s my sun burn from a day of yard work, partially. Honestly I’ve been talking to 2 fellow workers who have both had in one case both knees replaced and the other guy 1 knee replaced in the last 10 years and both are active golfers and my age and both could only bend...
  6. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    I honestly do exercise every part of my body and diet etc. I do cardio as well and I totally understand what you explain and respect your experience.my leg work outs are with very light weight and small reps. I have been using a row machine and stationary bikes and my favorite the stair machine...
  7. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    The chair trick only helped me once when I had a nagging hang up in my knee, I knew I could break it free with this method, a friend who had a TKR 3 years ago taught me this unheavenly method.
  8. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    I was following a OS on YouTube and he made it clear and simple at 3 months post op you must work on strength and bend 8 days a week and most importantly to forget you even have a new knee. I’m a exercise nut and I’m within 3 lbs of my high school weight so I have that on my side. It’s...
  9. dmichael21

    [TKR] 6 months and very upset<

    Hey Ruthcb, I my self had a patellectomy in 1988 and like you I had a TKR on Dec 11 18 so we have slit in common, it is harder to rehab without a knee cap do you have to work harder than other patients. Don’t get depressed and just work it. Good luck my friend.
  10. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Now I’m 4 months and my job slowed down so I joined a gym and I can go 2x a day and I’m gaining but still have discomfort and swelling. I’m taking an Aleve every 12 hours. I learned a new way to gain flexion, not recommended for everyone, you stand in front of a chair and put your operated...
  11. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    it’s been a couple hours and the swelling has gone down on it’s own, the tightness behind my knee has been a problem and this may very well be a thing of the past. Just did some steps going down and noticed a major improvement already.
  12. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Have to share this one, half hour ago I have been so occupied with a new system in my tractor trailer computer log system so I haven’t been thinking about my new knee (13 weeks)so I jumped out of my truck instead of climbing out and in mid air I knew I messed up so on landing I bent my knees to...
  13. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    This morning I rode 12 miles on my mountain bike on gravel road with some decent elevation, knee felt great and now I’m icing and elevate, by far the most exercise I did to date and felt good to get my heart rate up.
  14. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Had a good visit with OS Friday evening and I finally had a heart to heart talk with Dr Mark and I told him I’m not where I want to be at just over 3 months. Told him I gave friends my age and share my sport who have had TKR and healed much quicker than I, and he replied did they have...
  15. dmichael21

    [TKR] JDinCT Recovery Thread

    Your looking good neighbor, keep it up and you will be fine.
  16. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Thanks JD, it’s not easy at all and I think the harder you train the better, I slacked off and I wasn’t gaining so I just started working hard and then results started happening, the one thing that stands out is if I step down real hard there’s no pain from it and my old knee hated down...
  17. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    The day I can go 24 hours without thinking of my knee will be a great day. Every step I do and every conversation and even in my sleep I think about this new knee , can’t wait to get back to normal.
  18. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Hello, it’s now 13 weeks or so and I’m doing good, not great but I’m now have taken the gloves off and exercise every day after work and mountain bike on hilly farm fields. I pedal fine but I can’t stand up and pedal yet. My pain is tolerable but still there and my bend is around 120 ish and my...
  19. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Good luck and take it slow at first. It’s no picnic but worth it in the end.
  20. dmichael21

    [TKR] Received TKR today.

    Going in on almost 10 weeks and just had a great OS appointment and Dr. was happy with my progress, I asked him for the 1st time if I lost any ligaments and I indeed lost my ACL and still have all the others . Going down stairs without railing and have finished 3 full weeks of work(65 hours) and...

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